How to move ERC20 token from etherscan

I thought of buying some DGX tokens from Digix Global. For that I purchased some PAX tokens and thought of converting them to DGX on Digix Global portal. I transferred PAX to the my wallet address registered with Digix Global. My PAX tokens are visible on the wallet address on Digix Global portal as well as Etherscan. Digix Global support is not great. Therefore I am thinking of moving this PAX from this wallet which is registered with Digix Global to my personal wallet. Digix Global portal does not have any “transfer” button/option. Is it possible to transfer to my personal wallet from Etherscan?

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I assume the wallet you have your PAX tokens is an online wallet. If it is an online wallet there must be a send to an address function. Etherscan can only view public addresses. To interact with an address you need a private key of that public address, but if Digix Global is an online wallet only they have the key. If you have the key you can use interface to interact with the ETH blockchain.

If you want to have your personal wallet make sure you carefully choose which one you want as they have pros and cons. Online wallet (one I think you have now), hot wallet, cold wallet.

There are multiple ways to switch tokens. If Digix Global does not have an exchange features you can try the following.

  1. Using a trading exchange that has both tokens listed. Then sell PAX into BTC or ETH and buy the DGX with that BTC or ETH and then withdraw the token to the address you wish. (This method is trust based and you will encounter trading and withdrawal fees. Beware of the daily withdraw limit as well if you plan to exchange more than 2 bitcoins worth of tokens.)

  2. Using a centralized method. You could use some services such as ShapeShift but I don’t think they have the pair you want. But maybe there are some that have them. (This also can have sometimes larger fees.)

  3. Use a decentralized method. Here is your pair you want to trade.
    You need to connect your wallet to the site to exchange the tokens.
    (This method is code trust based, therefor you don’t have any support if something goes wrong.)

Things to note when exchanging using the decentralized method: You can set the maximum slippage you want to allow when you exchange the tokens. For example let’s say 1%. If you start the process and the slippage is more than 1% the transaction will fail and you will only lose some gas fees, otherwise the exchange will go normal if it is under 1%.

Overall they all have their pros and cons. Centralized have the biggest volume decentralized don’t. Decentralized have more pairs, centralized don’t. Centralized have support, decentralized don’t. I would say go decentralized if the amount you want to exchange is a smaller amount otherwise use a centralized exchange with such pairs. If you can’t find a centralized one with does pair then do decentralized one in several parts if you want to be safe.


It is so confusing. They say that address belongs to me. But I registered that address with them, as it prompted on their portal. I can see that there is 63 PAX on that address which belongs to me. portal is so complicated and their support is poor. I just want to withdraw 63 PAX from that address and move it to my personal wallet. What is the way to do it. It is not possible on

hello sir, if you do not have the private key for the public address, there is no way to withdraw them without the help of Digix Global support.

If thats true, there should have an option to request the private key from that address, if not, they control the key from that address so you must ask them to help you to withdraw your funds.

Always remember:
Your keys, your cryptos; Not your keys, not your cryptos.

Hope you can solve this.

Carlos Z.


They instructed me to choose an address from list of public addresses and register that public address with them on their portal. During this process, no private key was given to me. When I ask them, they say they do not manage this address and this address belongs to me. But private key was not given to me.

What is the way out. 63 PAX is there on that address whichequivalent to US $63.

Thanksand regards,

@Mauro @thecil

I dropped the original plan of converting PAX to DGX, because I was not happy with support. I was able to access my 63 PAX using and my Ledger Nano S.

I transferred my PAX from this wallet to my personal wallet.

Thanks for your support. Specially @Mauro for advising me to use


Hi if you want verified gold backed ERC20 coins, just buy some PAXG. You could even earn interest if you put them on or nexo, which are both insured platforms.


I have some PAXG. Do not have enough to earn interest on

The fact that 1 DGX= 1 gram of gold attracted me to DGX. However I was taken aback by their poor support.


I"m having a problem with Etherscan. I went to metamask to deposit some eth. I hit export the private key and sent the ether. Now I see the txs is on etherscan. How do I get it into Metamask? I’m not sure where the wallet is?

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Hi… You need to install metamask extension in chrome browser. What you’re viewing on etherscan is your public key (address).

Your private key is encrypted in metamask. In order to access metamask you’ll need your password. If you don’t have that, you’ll need to use your seed words to access it.

Etherscan is simply a tool to view addresses and transactions on the ethereum blockchain


I think I blew it big time because the address that it went to is not on metamask or any other wallet I have. Is there anything I can do?

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Hi Nate,

I’m not familiar enough with metamask, so not familiar with “export private key”. What was the reason you did that?

Btw, if you use mycrypto desktop wallet, I think you can still enter private key if you have it. Otherwise use your seed words to access that address

…but without the private key or recovery phrase to that address you can’t do anything.

Where did you get the receiving address from in the first place? I presume you copy pasted it from somewhere.

…and are there other transactions to/from that wallet that you might recognise?

Is it maybe an exchange address?

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I think my eth went to the spark pool. Is there anway I can get it back?

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Oof! Spark Pool? Did you see the article yesterday?

In any case most likely you can’t retrieve it because it has been confirmed in the blockchain by the miner that picked up that block (who knows… maybe it was even a sparkpool miner)

I guess that was a costly mistake. I’ll pay more attention, I thought I was sending it to my metamask wallet.
Thanks for the info. It doesn’t feel good tho.

I was about to say. Ledger would store it under the ETH account.

When you create a metamask account that gives you a address to start with. If you’ve not created metamask extension then I’m not sure what address you’ve sent to unfortunately.


I got if figured out now. Unfortunately I sent the eth to an address from the spark pool. I wont do that again. It definitely is not my metamask address.I can see where it went on etherscan.

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It might be worth contacting them. They are offering to refund the $2.6 mil tx fees from that weird transaction a couple of days ago. You might also have a bit of luck getting your ETH returned.

As a matter of interest, what is the connection with Sparkpool in your case? I.e. how did you end up sending ETH to them, and how did you work out it was their address?