How to connect with the Ethereum blockchain?

Next week I will be attending a blockchain hackathon the idea we are going to develop is supply chain related. I will make an app which all party’s in the supply chain can use to register assets on the ETH chain which will create a immutable log for each asset and it will display where it is in the supply chain.

The problem I’m now facing is … what is the best way to connect my app to the ETH blockchain?
I have found some solutions but it is hard to see what is the best options any one has some tips.

So far I have found:

Looking forawrd to hear how you guys send offchain app data into the blockchain and back.

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The hackathon was a success and we made a concept called Asset chain for optimizing supply chains :slight_smile:
We did not have much time so we used to connect to the ETH chain.

For future use I would recommend using:

I have wrote an article about the app I build (In Dutch so use Google translate).