How many hours to complete

As a complete beginner, how many hours does it take to complete this Javascript course? I would like to know how long it takes to monitor my progress closely, at the same time not be frustrated by thinking that I’m progressing too slowly.

i couldt tell you exactly, but probably 60 hours or more


hey @cyl2chan, hope you are well.

The material of the course is around 20 hours for all the videos plus assignments, if for example you study 1 hour per day, you should be able to finish the course in almost a month, If you are completely new into programming, it could take you a little longer, but in less than 3 months you should finish it.

Im using 1 hour per day as example to study the course, although the videos are not super long (less than 30 minutes), the exercises could take more than 1 hour, but keeping a discipline of 1 hour per day should be enough to monitor your progress.

Carlos Z


for me it was/is (im still in the process, almost finished tho) easily +100h.
i also started from scratch, literly never saw a line of code before in my live or try to understand it.
I think it depends on how serious you take it… you can just type/ copy what he´s doing or you dig deeper.
I by myself seriously try to learn it, so i do simultaneously courses in codaAcademy which helps A LOT!
i feel you man… Yes its frustrating from time to time. Sometimes i feel stupid too… but thats a part of the game and verybody that has learnd how to code will tell you the same!
dont give up! stick to it, trust in the process, be patiend, dont blame your selfe if you dont get it the first time and look it up the next day if its confusing!
over time it will make more sense!! and the success moments will come, trust me!


Thanks for all the input!!

With spaced repetition and internalization it can easily become 100h+. Watching the videos only develops the skill of being able to watch someone else code.

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I had done 6-month Data Analyst Coding Bootcamp before this, but I have def struggled at points. I started about 3 weeks ago and I have been putting in about 5 hours a day for 5 days a week with about 80% completed, so in the end, it will be about 100+ hours. With that said, some of that time is spent watching and practicing concepts that are briefly explained or not covered. The instructor is honestly one of the better instructors for coding in the courses I have taken. His tips and tricks really show he is a master of his craft (Alt + Enter + Click is a game-changer). His HTML and CSS material is bettered than anything I have done before, so no comments there. With that said I wish I knew a few things before I started. . 1) Utilize VSCode extension to its fullest. Watching a Top 10 JS extensions video helped me a lot. Quokka was literally life-saving because you can follow along with the coding demonstrations in VSCode and save .js files for notes and examples without having to do everything in the Chrome Console Log, where you cannot save the examples. This allowed me to follow along and keep the coding examples as js files where I could write comment notes of what the instructor is doing. 2) If your struggling through the Tik Tak Toe functions, its because it jumps 0-60, and topics like destructing aren’t covered. I wasted the most time here. Honestly, it helped me skip the assignments for Tik Tak Toe and just follow allow to see how everything worked. HOWEVER, functions are super important to understand, so I did back that up with additional function practice and videos afterwards because functions are 90% of coding and you must understand it for the for DOM and Async Programming section. 3) Speaking of the Async section before you even start it, I would do two things 1) watch some Youtube videos on Promises and Async Functions (highly recommended Web Dev Simplified) because the basics aren’t talked about it and 2) Watch a video about calling APIs before, because he does like 3-4 videos with the 1inch API, where if you didn’t know how to call an API you couldn’t follow along. I tried a lot of different Youtube videos, but Web Dev Simplified was the best in my opinion to pair with this class. I have liked the course so far and I love the instructor, but some of the time completing this course is a lot of Googling and additional practice outside of the content.


Totally appreciate the reply. I’m learning html for work and wanted to dig into learning js asap, but there seems to be a fear as if approaching a foreign language and you can be sometimes overwhelmed with the amount of things that you would need to learn. At the same time like with everything beginnings can be tough and great success requires great effort. Really gotta keep that growth mindset in the forefront. Just like the fact you digging deeper and not rushing through it, which really changes the outcome of the time spend in total, right? Found most courses take me a much longer than expected, but it’s worth going a bit deeper and actually learning something :smiley: