How could we save more energy through blockchain

My name is Andy and I live in Perth Australia. My passion is to save energy and build energy smart homes. In fact I believe that this planet would have far less problems if we could reduce our energy consumption. I believe that through the use of more natural products [straw and hemp] we could build homes that use a fraction of todays normal used energy in residential homes. It takes about 40% of primary energy to build a home and the waste produced while building a home is huge. I am convinced through blockchain technology we could not only develop, design and built smarter homes but everybody would be also more accountable to the whole society. If we could designing and building smart energy efficient homes that have many functions. Places where people feel safe, a healthy environment and where it does not cost a fortune to run a zero energy home. I also feel, if through and incentive’s programs, where people will be credited because they save energy they maybe pay less rent or get free health advice [how to eat properly or free gym sessions through yoga/pilatis, or other self help programs] we would not only save energy but also save lots of money in health system costs etc.
I wonder if with smart blockchain technology one could develop a world where the carbon foot print will be reduced and through many insentivised programes people could be motivated to be again in charge of their environment. If everybody reduces just a little of their own energy consumption, we would no longer require nuclear or coal power stations. If we could build so smart that every used material will not only be a structural element but will produce energy and when its life span is over it can be easily recycled and integrated into new product development. I feel through a collaborative world community we can achieve this in a decentralized way and in a way that reaches everybody and insentivises anybody to participate as by creating a positive contribution, this will be rewarded with crypto currency, which in turn this earned currency could support other projects.

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Your idea is beneficial both to the environment and to human beings. But how do you plan to record the energy savings and the reduction in carbon footprint ?