How can I join the Discord of ivan on tech community?

Hello everyone! I wanted to join the discord of our community and I’m a newbie here. I got no clue about it. Could anyone tell me?

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good luck :hugs:


Thanks a lot for this, sir!

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Hello, would you be able to give me a brief synopsis of Discord? I will do deeper research myself, just wanting to get started?

Hi, sorry i dont really understand your question :thinking: what do you mean?

I noticed someone asked about the Discord platform and I haven’t heard about it before. I was hoping to get a little info if you had any to share. Thanks

you can join by clicking the link he has provided.

@LenoraEl Discord is chat platform for creating communities…register in discord site use this link and enjoy the community! :ok_hand: :wink:

Oh ok nice! Thanks so much, will do! I’m still pretty new so I really appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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@LenoraEl its ok always glad to help and i understand you so much :ok_hand: :hugs:

Hey! Have you managed to join?