Homework on EVM

Homework on EVM - Questions (Updated on Dec 3 2019)

  1. What does the EVM do?
  2. What is the format of the instructions that the EVM can read?
  3. What is the relationship between the programming language Solidity and Bytecode?
  4. Why can’t Bitcoin run the same type of complex programs like Ethereum can?
  5. What is a Turing Complete programming language?
  1. What is the EVM?
    The EVM is the Etheruem Virtual machine that is a global singleton machine. With a global singleton state. The state is maintained by the nodes in the network that accept and verify the transactions. Each of those nodes runs the EVM. The EVM that is running on those nodes creates an isolated(encapsulated) environment to run smart contracts and transaction request that have been submitted to it. It uses OP Codes and gas to prevent from a spam attack.
  2. What does it mean when we say that the EVM runs in a sandbox environment?
    The EVM is its own virtual machine. operations inside of that virtual machine are pure to that virtual machine. This helps prevent “Noisy neighbor” problem for anything running in that EVM and other programs running on the node. It is the underlying architecture required to keep solidity code encapsulated within the EVM It keeps track of the code and state for all the smart contracts running on the chain It does this via the EVM that runs runs on the ETH node.

  1. Ethereum Virtual Machine where the smart contract code runs.

  2. EVM is isolated from local computer. Running in a virtual or sandbox environment to protect network operators from malicious code.


1. What is the EVM?
EVM is the ethereum virtual machine. The EVM is what interprets and executes the smart contracts.

2. What does it mean when we say that the EVM runs in a sandbox environment?
The EVM reads, interprets and executes the smart contract in an isolated program, rather than directly on the CPU. This reduces the likelihood of malicious code built within a smart contract affecting the computer running the EVM.

  1. EVM is Ethereum Virtual Machine which executes the smart contacts into byte code which later will be run as machine readable code on cpu. It sits between smart contacts and cpu so security is robust.

  2. Sandbox environment means isolated environment and whatever happens within EVM is opaque for other environment for security purpose.

  1. EVM stands for Etherium Virtual Machine. The EVM runs on every node and miner and executes code which has been compiled down in to byte code

  2. EVM is a sandbox environment because it shuts down any access the executing code has to the directly execute commands against the host CPU which could cause serious security issues.

  1. What is the EVM?

    EVM = ethereum vitual machine, an isolated environment that runs smart contracts, gets the consensus on the entire network

  2. What does it mean when we say that the EVM runs in a sandbox environment?

    It means smart contracts can’t directly run on the nodes. The smart contracts are isolated from the network.

  1. EVM is a virtual machine that runs on top of CPUs and creates an enviorment on which the the etherium smart contract runs. The Solidity codes are compiles into Etherium byte code and then EVM executes that byte code on to CPUS

  2. EVM does not allow smart contracts to interact directly with host computer

  1. EVM is a piece of code all computers in Ethereums network are running. It can read and execute smart contracts.

  2. When we say that the EVM runs in a sandbox environment we mean it is isolated and has no direct link to a centralised CPU.

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  1. Ethereum virtual machine. Environment, where the code is developed and programmed.
  2. A sandbox environment is a closed system, which can run the code without effecting the complete system. This is needed to test the code and see, if everything is programmed correct. Otherwise you could destroy the whole system without knowing,
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  • What is the EVM?
    “ EVM”, short for Ethereum Virtual Machine. Virtual machines are essentially creating a level of abstraction between the executing code and the executing machine.

  • What does it mean when we say that the EVM runs in a sandbox environment?
    Sandbox environment means that EVM is running in an isolated environment.

  1. Ethereum Virtual Machine, every node in the network runs EVM in the background so that every smart contract reaches consensus.

  2. EVM is a program built within each ethereum node, an isolated program the can connect to every CPU in the nodes so the network doesn’t rely on a CPU.

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  1. The EVM is the Ethereum Virtual Machine that executes smart contracts on all nodes within the Ethereum network. It is an application that each node has installed to read smart contracts and interpret them to the CPU of each node. It can be viewed as the translator, middleman, or even bodyguard between smart contracts on the network and the CPU of each node.

  2. We mean that it securely encapsulates the smart contract so it is not exposed to the CPU or any other program on the computer. In this way, it ensures that a node’s operational security is not compromised by any malicious code that might have been included in the smart contract.


Homework on EVM - Questions

  1. What is the EVM?

EVM is created to secure CPU and the whole network against the malicious apps deployed into the network.

  1. What does it mean when we say that the EVM runs in a sandbox environment?

EVM encapsulates the smart contract, so it is not effecting the CPU or any other program on the computer in the direct way, making the whole network more secure.

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  1. EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) executes smart contracts on each node of the Ethereum blockchain.
  2. The EVM runs in an isolated environment that can execute programs, without compromising or effecting outside operations or be effected by the operating system/computer it is installed on.

1- Etherium Versual Machine is an app on top of the CPU that compile etherium codes to binary
2- It run on an Isolation from the hardware resources

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  1. What is the EVM? EVm is the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which is a ring fenced interface between Ethereum protocol and the node in which the smart contracts are ring fenced and executed.
  2. What does it mean when we say that the EVM runs in a sandbox environment? A sandbox environment is a isolated structure, that allows the EVM to run without having direct access influence on the host nodes CPU.
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  1. Ethereum Virtual Machine
  2. A Sandbox environment is a isolated environment which do not have direct access to the host resources like CPU and memory.
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  1. Is the Ethereum Virtual Machine, it responsable for running the bytecode instructions of a smart contract
  2. It means that its encapsulated and cant harm to the host computer.
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