Homework: On-chain Governance

Homework on On-chain Governance

  • Pick a proposal on Polkassembly (for either Polkadot or Kusama) and write a short summary of it.



Hi @Alko89 love the course, just to let you know, the link to this forum page is missing on the HW page- https://academy.ivanontech.com/products/polkadot-101/categories/2147907393/posts/2148990526

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SHORT SUMMARY for Proposal and plan for a common-good identity parachain for Polkadot and Kusama

Wei at Polkaseembly posted in General 19 days ago(edited)

The proposal was written so to create a Parachain to handle identity verification to ensure that no new token is needed and to support higher transaction frequency which includes per-item verification, on-chain identity data voting, PKI democracy etc.

One of the biggest benefits I see of Wei’s proposal is the cost effectiveness of moving the identity verification function to a parachain as currently on Polkadot an identity would require ~20 DOT deposit fee to set on-chain with ~0.015 DOT transaction fee.


Hey, thanks for letting me know, totally missed it! Fixed! :slight_smile:

Redenomination on KSM, proposal #37

Proposal describes increasing amount of KSM 100x while sametime keeping current owners propotions same. KSM smallest unit Plack doesn’t change only how many Placks is needed for one KSM

Idea behind this proposal is to increase amount of KSM to remove decimals when doing transactions which will make calculations easier. In proposal this is compared to DOT redenomination.

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Proposal: Parachain Lease Offering Dashboard

A team would like to build a dashboard to display the current status of auctions in a unified way.
Someone commented with an interesting observation. The price of KSM in the proposal was much less than the current price.
Are people that submit proposals expected to watch the price of KSM and periodically update the proposal so that the amount requested is appropriate?

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#107 Runtime v9010 on Kusama Network
Motion 292 upgrading Kusama Runtime to v9010 is up for vote.



I had to check, the document was actually updated in Jan. Back then the price of KSM was quite a bit lower.

I don’t think so. The proposal is submitted in the native token (KSM in this case) so its market price doesn’t really mater. I would avoid using the current dollar price of the token in the proposal for this very reason. :smile:

A proposal that a is open: NFT integration to Kusama. Chiba Gallery would host NFTs. This would include art, gaming and other types of tokens. So far there has been an 100% positive response to this proposition albeit the proposal is still open looks like NFTs are likely to be available on Kusama.


Proposal: Parachain Lease Offering Dashboard

Parachain Lease Offering (a.k.a PLO) is a new mechanism to achieve high security and interoperability for the Kusama blockchain network. Currently, some projects launched with different strategies. Many people would consider participating in parachain auctions in a meaningful way.

They would like to create an auction Dashboard to keep track of the status of the parachain auctions in an easy to view and understand format.

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Proposal #8 : setValidatorCount

[ Sets the ideal number of validators., , The dispatch origin must be Root., , # , Base Weight: 1.717 µs, Write: Validator Count, # ]

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This proposal has become referendum 91: https://kusama.polkassembly.io/referendum/91

Want to change the denomination of KSM in the Kusama chain specification.
Example 12 decimal (KSM is 12decimal)
1,000,000,000,000 Plancks = 1 KSM
10,000,000,000 Plancks = 1 KSM


Before the change the decimal was here
1.000000000000 KSM
100.0000000000 KSM
-----^ after change

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#76 Proposal: Parachain Lease Offering Dashboard

is a HashQuark proposal to build a Dashboard that would show the status of the parachain slot and auction situation using the new mechanism PLO (Parachain lease offering) on Kusama.


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#557 - extending KodaDot NFT explorer into a future metaverse compatible with headsets like oculus!

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Polkadot Polkassembly Referendum #23 Lawyer to Verify Legal Names

The lawyer intends to “verify legal name identities on-chain” for a fee

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Polkadot Proposal #23 Lawyer to Verify Legal Names -


This is a proposal from a lawyer, legally registered and licensed in Canada, who is licensed to verify documents as a notary, to charge a fee in DOT to manually verify peoples Legal Names.

In my opinion this is not a well thought out proposal as although Jonathan Kleiman may be recognized within Canada as a lawyer it is hard to define how this jurisdiction relates to blockchain and a more global view. There is no plan to store this data in a reasonable and immutable way on the blockchain.

Also his ideas come across to me like one man in an office who will accept DOT in payment if you send him a photo and some identity documents, with no guarantee how he will securely store your personal data.

There are some good discussions from 'the__itis
’ in response to this proposal.

One thing that surprises me is that this IMHO is not a very good proposal yet it looks to have significantly more AYE votes than NAY votes!


Kusama Proposal #76: Parachain Lease Offering (PLO) Dashboard

HashQuark team wants to create a PLO Dashboard on their website.

Data would include:

  • Slot number
  • Slot auction, list of bidders
  • Slot status, Owner, Period, etc.

At $65 per KSM, HashQuark requests 523 KSM to complete the work with an additional 3 KSM per month for continued maintenance. (523 *65 = $33,995).

As of today, 5/14/21, 523 KSM ($~550) = $287,650.

If I were voting, I would vote Nay as I would be very confident both Polkadot and Kusama platforms would already have this information readily available once slot auctions go live.

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Good point, I hope you also shared your opinion on Polkasembly :slight_smile:

I think the information on-chain will be more generic, kind of like governance is on Polkadot.js so having a dashboard for this purpose would be beneficial.

#23 Lawyer to Verify Legal Names

Basically, a lawyer who is registered and licensed in his home country of Canada wants to verify and look at Documents and then charge a fee for whether the names are the same as the owner of the adresses.

I know I have the same one as @Jargo. but there are many other interesting ones currently on the website. and honestly, I feel this plan of Jonathan hasn’t been thought out well. Jonathan’s idea of keeping it on an offline USB drive and who knows what he will do with this information is a very centralized concept. we are trying to go fully decentralized. So having a Lawyer from Canada have access to so much information about us is basically giving one person control and I don’t like the sound of it one bit. Also in some way or another if you dive deep in the comments he comes off a bit scammy not knowing his information correctly. Which kind of points to a red flag for me.

I also don’t fully understand how so many people have already voted “Aye”. For me this will just be a step in the wrong direction for Polkadot. Perhaps it would have been better if Jonathan actually had a more precise battle plan.

I am also not a lawyer but honestly, I feel like “the_itis” really has his information down and I hoped the discussion would have continued in the comment section and not through email.

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