Homework Assignment - Creating a map on metaverse Moraland

  • Write an article for about 300-400 words explaining what you understand by metaverse.
  • Give at least 5 new ideas for building your unique design on metaverse.

Share your article on this topic.

For metaverse i understand , one space where people can express his ideas or simple it do what want.
I don’t belive in the metaverses that now we watch in crypto panorama, because this they think (also obviously) at sell a product or idea witout explain what user doing with this.
In end i think that metaverse is a any game from “the sandbox” at pokemon , where developer take a space where user can do what it want.

My ideas for my unique metaverse are (pity the skills are still lacking :slight_smile: )

  1. in the metaverse, doesn’t must exist nobody NPC, All function and careers must busy user.

2.The business must be sustained on tax sistem (only user for exemple can sell items o build new object)

  1. The game other initial sell land for activity and licenses work , it must sell new activity on bases of new user.
    (exemple… King Soldier (pay in game token for work), start 100 soldire up to 1000 users, between 1000/2000, mint and sell 120 new licenses.

  2. some licenses will drop next a special event or quest.

  3. in my ideea , exist more kingdoms and the users of this kingdoms must defend theirs castle, if other kindoms conquest castle, users lost all licenses , and pay a little mountly penality.

  4. the mobs strong must be almost totaly casualy, user must play in team o pay a mercenary/hounter (free limit licenses)

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Under the term metaverse I understand a digital interactive space where people can do whatever the space is designed to be. Currently I think the concept of the metaverse is still rather new and it can develop in many different directions.
Anywhere from just fun games to being digital representations of real assets in combination with real world ownership like renting floor spaces, either residential or corporate via a map where ownership is visible instantly are possibilities, I think could be interesting.
Like mentioned in the post before mine I also find the concept of strategy games in the context of a metaverse interesting. This would open the doors to different dynamics in gameplay. Here I think there are also endless possibilities such as running ingame land trade, conquering of new land and the game´s economy.

For my five ideas I have the following:
• I already mentioned the possibilities for strategy games. Players have a map where they can purchase or also conquer land. One can set trade routes to other players. Resources can be traded and rights to mine ressources can be purchased. I guess in this case the only real limitation is what is fun to the user. Having many possibilities doesn´t mean the user will like it.
• I find the possibilities of tying real world ownership and the metaverse together. I think it is worth further looking into for example renting out offices via a metaverse. Users see the office map and can see what´s available for renting and at what price.
• Similar to my second idea I wonder how far one can go here with tying land ownership to digital ownership.
• In terms of games MMORPGs are also a case where the proof of rare items can be of value. Also exporting those items to other places like being able to sell a rare weapon on an NFT marketplace would be interesting.
• My final idea is an online art exhibition. This is more suitable for art that is already online in the form of NFTs. Maybe it can be tied together with an auction room and special events.

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Metaverse is a term that describes a virtual space that is created through the use of technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and other digital interfaces. The metaverse is essentially a collective virtual shared space, where users can interact with each other in real-time through digital avatars.

The metaverse can be used for a variety of purposes, including social interaction, gaming, education, and commerce. It offers a unique opportunity to create a fully immersive experience for users, allowing them to interact with others and the environment in ways that were previously impossible. One of the most significant aspects of the metaverse is its ability to create a sense of presence and immersion that is unmatched by any other digital medium.

Here are five ideas to consider:

  1. Virtual Art Galleries: Create a virtual art gallery where users can explore and interact with your artwork in a fully immersive environment. Users can navigate the space using their avatars and interact with the art by clicking on it to learn more about the pieces.

  2. Virtual Concerts: Host virtual concerts on the metaverse where users can attend and experience live music in a fully immersive environment. You can design virtual stages and performances that users can interact with, as well as merchandise that they can purchase and collect.

  3. Virtual Reality Training: Use the metaverse as a training tool for various industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and education. It provides a safe and immersive environment for users to learn and practice new skills.

  4. Virtual Fashion Shows: Host virtual fashion shows where users can create their own avatars and walk down the runway wearing virtual clothing designed by you. You can also sell virtual clothing and accessories in the metaverse, allowing users to purchase them for their avatars.

  5. Virtual Real Estate: Create a virtual real estate marketplace on the metaverse where users can buy, sell, and rent virtual properties. You can design unique virtual spaces, such as houses, apartments, and commercial buildings, that users can customize to their liking.