Hi! I’m new! Looking for direction

Hi! I’m Kevin. I’ve got ideas and I want to learn how to execute them or at least oversee the execution of them. I’m a complete noob but I learn fast and look forward to getting to know some of you, here.

I signed up for the basics courses, for now. Any advice? The website mentions a coding bootcamp. Which classes comprise that?

Hi, welcome to forums.

I recommend attending Blockchain & Bitcoin 101 and Ethereum 101.
After that Ethereum Smart Contract programming 101. All depends on your goals but I believe these give very good basic knowledge of the blockchain technology. If your more in to enterpreneneurship than programming then also https://academy.moralis.io/courses/blockchain-business-masterclass

With bootcamp I believe you mean the old bootcamp from 2020? I think they were converted in to courses later, one of them being Ethereum Dapp Programming.

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Yooo what’s up Kevin just got started too. Good luck

@Gry Thanks for the roadmap, exactly what I was looking for.
I’m on the case :sunglasses:

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