Helping with the Toshi Times English Syntax and Grammar

Hey @ivan, just a quick tip on English grammar/syntax that the header title “You are very welcome to the Toshi Times Community!” is more accurate in English to say “Welcome to the Toshi Times Community!”

Usually the term “very welcome” is only used verbally when there is a direct transaction between one and another and if someone says “Thank you” the other says “You are very welcome.” However, it is rarely written in the form you have and for any native speaker it looks strange.

Just trying to help improve your site/community and if I catch any other errors, I’ll be sure to let you know!


I like the way he says it, it still works and adds character to the show although I agree native speakers would not say it that way.

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Sure @Demator, it could be argued that structure in this context has more “character” if you are familiar with his videos, speech patterns and phraseology. Meaning, you can almost 'hear’ him saying “You are very welcome to the Toshi Times” when you read it. Therefore, though technically inaccurate, it could be seen as adding a level of familiarity for the community and therefore adds value.

However, my point is specific to grammatical accuracy. Not saying I have a corner on that market, just making sure information is available and others are aware.

At this point, it’s ultimately a question of intention. As long as one is conscious of their style (though unusual), their presentation can be owned (and explained) by them (if necessary)!

As a writing professor told me one time: “Once you know the rules, you can break them.”

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Ditto @Demator , Ivan has style and that makes him unique and his products. I don’t need a robot with perfect grammar in video or with Toshi Times.

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Who cares, to be honest?