Help with an ERC721 Project

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I am working on a project that involves creating an ERC-721 token that contains data for prescriptions.
The idea is that there will be an array of Drugs added to the prescription and minted to the patients address.
The prescription will be the NFT however i am having issues with minting the token.
I could flatten the project and add the code here if that makes it easier to provide some help.
This is something i am working on for school so i would very much appreciate the help!

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The source code is open and Verified you can see the mint function here but you could change your code as needed 0x73cC407fbAE89D69F20Cf15D51aA98171DC5703C
or this token

depends on how you want to authorize the mint

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meant to reply to this a while back ! thanks so much for the help on this !