Help me get my BTC back!

Good morning guys! New to the academy and the community I hope to explore more in the near future. I need help/suggestions to the following issue:
During the summer, I took on a international trip to a remote location where phone and computers are not prevalent. It was a wonderful mental break for me. However, upon my return, I found out that my exchange, Tux exchange, had shut it doors. From the time it was announced to the time they shut off, it was just a month. Not too much advance notice. I left some precious BTC with pending orders. I know, I am a bonehead, but was hoping someone might have suggestions as to how to get it back?
No response from support, after multiple attempts. I am able to log into the account, go through the process of entering the receiving wallet but then I see “invalid withdrawal key” message. Is there a way around this invalid key issue? Is there ANY hope for me? Somebody please say YES! :slight_smile: thank you in advance!

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Not a good sign. Have you looked to see if there have been any class action lawsuits against them? If so, you could jump on that band-wagon and you’d receive part (if any) of the payout.

Alternatively, you could maybe go to small claims court. On the base of the website I see their company information (numbered company: 2414534 Ontario Inc.)

Perhaps it’s worth contacting a lawyer about this. I don’t know how much you had in TUX, but if it’d be worth the legal proceedings, it may be the most effective way. If you’re lucky, the owners of TUX may be interested in settling outside of court proceedings.

I’m fairly certain they can’t just give a 1 month warning and then assume all remaining crypto is theirs. Sounds to me like you have valid legal ground here, especially if you can log into the account and see your crypto balance. I highly recommend taking as many screenshots as possible, in case they shut down the website entirely. You could then use the screenshots in court.

Wishing you the best of luck! I hope you can recovery every last Satoshi.


Good morning Joshua,

Thank you for your input. I was hoping there might be a way to go around this if I still had access to my account. They literally closed within a month of announcing it to clients. I have tried to do research but have found information on this exchange as far as complaints, legal action, etc. Not even the names of the owners/operators. Do you live in Canada? Trying to figure out how I can determine the names of the company officers? I know how to do that in the states but not Canada.

Litigation would be more costly that the assets to be recovered, but Small Claims is definitely an option.

Really appreciate your response. It hurts to lose even a single satoshi.

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so sorry to hear about your experience. i do hope you get some remedy in this matter. im not long in crypto myself but follow loads of crypto channels and most give the same advice. keep your funds in your own personal wallet. most of them trade and when they are not trading they move their funds off the exchange and into their personal wallets which is the only place you have total custody of your funds. they all highlight various reasons for doing so the biggest one is to hedge against any theft of funds due to collapse of platform or restrictions which may be put on them to release funds. its a tough lesson.