Having issues with Pinescript

Line 3, no viable alternative at character. Can you please help fix this issue?
Thank you in advance -


strategy(Title=“Moving Average Crossing”, overlay=true)

//Date and Time
fromMonth = input(defval =5, title =“from month”,minval=1)
fromDay = input(defval =15, title =“from day”,minval=1)
fromYear = input(defval =2021, title =“to year”,minval=2016)

toMonth = input(defval =8, title =“to month”,minval=1)
toDay = input(defval =15, title =“to day”,minval=1)
toYear = input(defval =2021, title =“to year”,minval=2016)

shortMa = sma(close,20)
longMa = sma(close, 50)

timeInRange =(time > timestamp(fromYear, fromMonth, fromDay, 00, 00)) and (time < timestamp(toYear, toMonth, toDay, 23,59))
longSignal = crossover(shortMa, longMa)and timeInRange
shortSignal = crossover(longMa,shortMa) and timeInRange

strategy.entry(id=“longPosition”, long=true, when=longSignal)
strategy.entry(id=“shortPosition”, long=false, when=shortSignal)

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Hey @Rachel3, hope you are well.

Please provide the code in the following way so I can review it properly :face_with_monocle:

Carlos Z