Hardware Wallet preferences

I just bought a Trezor hardware wallet. It wasn’t my first choice as at the time I went to purchase, the other two I was looking at were sold out. So far I’m happy with it. Does anyone else have a strong opinion why they prefer one over another?

Does anyone know how many different coins & erc20 tokens can be stored on the Trezor and ledger simmultainiously?

I just watched a review video on the Ledger Blue, video was done by BTC sessions on you tube. The hardware wallet is like a mini Ipad almost, it looks neat with touch screen accessibility.

Ledger: https://ledger.groovehq.com/knowledge_base/topics/which-altcoins-are-supported-by-the-nano-s-and-the-blue

Trezor: https://www.reddit.com/r/TREZOR/comments/6gyll5/list_of_supported_coins/

@nich I misphrased my question, I meant at the same time, I understand there is some sort of limit due to memory.


The last Video I saw on the Ledger said that you could only keep 4 Apps or coins in the Ledger at one time. Ledger has many apps which allow the storage of different coins and tokens. You have to remove app(s) off the Ledger when you reach the 4 limit. Then you can add apps or app for different coins they support.

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The Trezor can store Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cash, Dash, Etherium, Etherium Classic, Litecoin and any of the ERC20 tokens that Myetherwallet.com recognizes as the Trezor integrates directly with the website.

Just arrived. Will post back later with any thoughts I have on setup and whatnot.


G’Day David I’m new but is that like double spending!

I just got mine but have no idea how to put my transfer my bitcoin , ETHRIUM, litcoin wallet from coinbase I have it on my fone. Help anyone or any vedio I can watch thank YOU in advice. Marta

@bradyswenson When did you order? Waiting for mine, ordered early September.

I got mine about 1 month after ordering. FWIW I ordered 2 also. I have one stored with my dad’s safe just in case I need one urgently :stuck_out_tongue:

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I found it on Amazon with Prime shipping so they took 2 days to get here. I saw that ordering direct from the Ledger website was going to take a while to arrive so went this route.


Try youtube lots of good stuff there, try Ivan on tech.

I prefere the ladger blue

But you don’t lose your coins when an app is uninstalled to make room for another one. When you re-load the app you earlier removed, all the coins are still there.

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I’ve had the Trezor for a while, but I recently decided to try out the Ledger Nano s since it supports more alt coins. I like the look of the Ledger better than the Trezor, but the interface of the Trezor wallet through trezor.io is far superior to the Ledger apps wallets. It’s cleaner and easier to use. With the ledger I have to keep re-logging in, unplugging and plugging back in, opening and closing computer apps to switch from one currency to another. I actually bought extra Ledgers to give as gifts, but now I’m probably just going to sell them since they’re unnecessarily complicated for people new to crypto compared to the Trezor.


Thanks everyone! I’ve been torn on which to go with. I think I’ll stick with the trezor for ow being a newbie :slight_smile: If I have an issue with not being able to store all my coins I can always get the Ledger later.

I was wondering if anyone had any advise on which hardware wallet to buy. The last addition to this thread was nearly 2 years ago and, especially with the Donald Trump’s comments this morning I’d like to get my bitcoins off the exchange (while I only have about $1k’s worth and I know Ivan said something about it being a must over $10K but I’d like to be cautious anyway).

So what are people’s recommendations now. Are they any different?

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I would either recommend a Ledger Nano S or the new Ledger Nano X. Some may disagree as the chip that is used for security is not of open source code. I honestly don’t think you should worry or think too much about it. Keep an eye on any possible exploits of a ledger nano s/x if you plan to get one. Besides that, I think people are actually more prone to losing access to their funds before someone even got a chance to steal them. Sometimes you are your own worst enemy. In other words sometimes too much security is a bad thing aswell. Keep it simple and get one of the most popular ones out now. Just don’t go around and divide your recovery phrase into 8 different pieces and hide over the world. Hope that helps.

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