GUIDE - Faucets 2022

Guide - Faucets 2022

After the ethereum merge, Kovan and other networks has been deprecated, some of our solidity courses were recorded using Kovan, although that does not represent a problem, since so far we have many testnets for multiple blockchains.

Still the Goerli testnet is available and working, here you will find some of faucets for this network.

  • goerlifaucet by alchemy
    Notes: Requires an alchemy account. They also provide free nodes for testnets.

  • quicknode faucet
    Notes: They also provide free nodes for testnets.

  • track other faucets availability

  • goerli tool, it have a "Simple Faucet"

  • chainlist
    Notes: A list of EVM networks and details of each (including adding to metamask).

Some personal suggestions

  • Use goerli if you want a testnet for ethereum as usual.
  • Use mumbai for L2 testnet.
  • Use Alchemy, quicknodes or infura free nodes for testnet rpc providers.
  • Request testnet tokens twice per week if possible.

Carlos Z