Great update, no study plan anymore

Great operation guys, small UI update with no any mention related to priceplan changes. Best customerexperience ever.


I’m having the same issue too. All my study plan and course are not available. It will be great for the Academy to have a video explaining everything about the new platform. It looks like I need to take the personal quiz to get my study plan back. Do you have to do the same?

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I also had to create my studyplan again. But that’s the easy part.
I lost track of my progress through the courses. If I go to ‘all courses’, it does say which courses I have completed (100%), but I was halfway through 2 other courses and they are reset to 0%.

Okay, I can find where I was in those courses, but the saddest thing is that I lost all my achievements. I had 77 days in a row and now it’s back to 1 day, going for the ‘on fire’ (7 days in a row) achievement that I already had before :sob: :cry: :sob: :cry: :scream:

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I lost all my courses with the new update. Currently waiting support to get back to me.

Not eligible for the studyplan, I have or had premium and that seems not to include studyplan anymore. It used to have it.

its the same thing for me. except that study plan needs professional. and I have the professional yearly plan since feb 2021. I currently only have my certificates indicated in my profile. and all courses are not accessible for me. Hopefuly support gets back to my issue fast.

managed to get support through Filip instead. Somehow my email didnt get through.

Hey peeps, Im experiencing the same thing. Was halfway through Smart Contract 101 and now I cant access it post-UI update. Anyone know what is going on?

I’d like to retreive the same plan i had…

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Same. I was working on the Multi-Sig Wallet project.

Now, I did find that if you go to your Account Settings - Subscription - Subscription Settings, your sign on date and plan type are still there. But I can’t find anyway to update the actual account. I haven’t gotten a reply from support yet, but it seems like this is something that needs someone to flip switches on the backend somehow.

BUT!!! I did just manage to sign in to my account on the Kajabi app, and it looks like I might be able to keep moving on the course there? How is it still here but not on the main website? Will it still be saved and marked as a completed course if I finish on Kajabi? Do Not Know.

Similar issues here.
After re-setting my password as instructed, and having been a paid member since February 2021 (paid by Utrust) I find my account stating I have no subscription. Looking further is shows no details at all regarding my subscription, study plan, courses, etc are unavailable to me.

The only evidence of my former account is the certificates I already gained.
Emailed support, awaiting a reply or some other update.

Hey peeps, I’ve submitted a support ticket and got back a reply 4 hours ago. The support team has corrected the issue for my account and so everything is alright now. Do contact support which is at the footer of the academy website or if y’all have any issues.

Disabling any adblockers should help for some:

Unfortunately it didn’t help me getting back my achievements nor my daily sign in, so I submitted a ticket with support.

Apart from the loss of my study plan, I have also lost the progress I had done in several courses, so that I do not remember where to restart. Also, some courses which I had finished appear as if I had not even begun with them… Not nice…

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