Graph Databases

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great, very interesting, so Facebook uses Neo4j, a graph database!


There is something you don’t discuss about graph db’s and that is the query language. What language will be used to get the data out of the database ? Is there a sql like language for this type of databases?

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Now after this lecture I realized Linkedin using Graph database while Facebook only using SQL. At least it looks for me.

@ivan @filip It would be interesting to get some more explanations and real life examples about it. As I see others asked about Facebook and LinkedIn, what kind of databases they use? What are the query languages of the Graph db? What examples other than social networks are using Graph? Thanks

NoSQL SQL GRAPH. Complexity. Deeper layers. Friends of friends. Most developers KNOW relational databases e.g.SQL but in complex situations GRAPH may be useful. :smiley:

Imagine a graph database with the vertices being keys to a nosql or relational db record. This could be a really cool feature of some new DBMS.

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I would say the elephant in the room is Ivan’s shirt in this video. He really turns on the SWAG!

why didn’t you pass this video before the questions? now i know i got some questions wrong i had no idea what edges were before the video because i translate on google translater and said it was advantages

What are a few examples where you would use NoSQL? I think I understand RDB and Graphs, but some examples of those would be good too. Thanks!

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Hey @deathbeach, hope you are ok.

Now here is a good tutorial to go in deep into NoSQL, an example that comes to me real quick, is to save the price of btc each minute on a NoSQL database.

If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.

I think the language is the isn’t really specify
Like relational databases that uses MySQL etc.

what dabases are use for bitcoin? or ethereum?
maybe graph db because there is a block of blocks connected in cascade?
of course i can search but thinking out loud to see if my logic of picking the right DB for a blockchain is righ!

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Bitcoin and Ethereum make use of the blockchain technology has their database.

The blockchain is a ledger of transactions, in few terms. (If we explain how it works, it becomes more complex than common databases like SQL or noSQL). :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

thanks i guess Blockchain is it is own database :slight_smile: ; in other words, a decentralized ledger database