Got my first crypto in 2013

Hello! I got my first crypto coin back in 2013 and I have been dwelling into nearly every niche you possible can in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space – mining, trading, investing, marketing and all such things. The first exchange I got onto was the BTC-e, where I got my first Peercoins when a friend of mine send BTC my way. I remember it was swinging in prices a lot back in the day and I thought I could ride the trading waves. Next up I wrote to a close millionaire friend to get into BTC, it was roughly worth $300 at the time, so we can share a juicy profit after a few years. Handed him a 5 pager on his hands, but the old chap (literally) did not quite see the technology so clear as I did, so, a missed opportunity to earn a good commission here. It did not stop me there, I genuinely liked this market with all the things that were happening. Many alts were spawning at the time, one project mooning after another. After a while came the ICO phase where projects of all sort were raising millions right and left. Along this amazing and wild ride through blockchain, I met many talented people such as programmers, designers, developers, investors and marketers! After many years of getting my feet wet where I could in this space I decided to come up with something of my own, something that I can work on for a prolonged period of time and something that can satisfy my urge to get my ideas in head out in the reality in some form or shape. I was always into thinkering and playing around with successful mobile app ideas and tried to come up with my own, as unique as possible. So, one day it clicked - why not build a team which can help me make this come true. Got the best people in the league on my board and we created a game called Lucky Shot. It is a pretty cool, simple game, but I felt like something was missing. As it becomes very apparent I am into cryptocurrencies and blockchain, I simply tied the cryptocurrency gambling aspect to the game and so GemBites was born! The plan for Gembites is to develop and market exciting gambling games together with a marketplace for collectible NFTs and even never before seen mobile gambling! which use our native GBTS token. The key to success is to diligently work and communicate with your team and community for the best growth. This is the motivation for our gambling games, the collectible marketplace as well as the mobile GemBites platform. We take suggestions from our community, whether it is negative or positive feedback, and make our platform the best it can be! I know gambling is not well supported here by Ivan, but we want to make gambling verifiably fair and get into a Player vs Player gambling, where there is no house-edge at all. Later on, we want to get into smart-watches and into VR. Let me know which is your favorite product from the WP, tell me why it is your favorite, and leave your ETH address for a small welcoming gift!


Any online casino fan will tell you that to play slots comfortably, it is important to find a balance between the software’s quality and the platform’s reliability.

When it comes to gambling for money, the issue of payment security becomes a priority. The development of technology has taken casino payment systems to a new level. This has led to the emergence of cryptocurrency, a fully digital, decentralized method of online payments. Players can use cryptocurrencies as a payment method and choose them as their primary currency. Security, anonymity, and high transfer rate are the three “whales” on which cryptocurrency casinos are based. I got my cryptocurrencies here; it was about 4 years ago.