Got a job in crypto! Thank you Amadeo, Ivan and the whole team

Hi guys

I was following courses here throughout 2020. The most crazy one was off course DEFI. By brain is still cooking from this one, but the defi skills have been most welcome.

In January I got a job in crypto ( I work at a trading platform doing support and helping marketing to write blog articles ). The knowledge from this academy has been incredibly valuable and I can say that it’s well wort the time and effort.

Just want to say thank you to Ivan, the whole team of the academy and off course to Amadeo.


Boooom! This are amazing news @Ulrich! Congratulations! :partying_face:

Would you be able to record a quick testimonial video on how the Academy help you reach this goal?
We will appreciate it a lot if you could do it! :nerd_face:

You can DM me to give you some ideas or guidelines on how to make the video :slight_smile:

If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.


Congratulations!! :heart:

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Congratulations! I agree with you about the DeFi course, there is a wealth of information and this class also seems to be very free-form. There is lots of exploration to be done outside of the instructional videos, and there is no limit to how much exploration you can do. For several months I wasn’t spending as much time inside of the course, but every single day I was devoting most of my free time to keeping up with recent developments as I built my investment portfolio, and watching videos every day. Good Morning Crypto has been a constant part of my life. Every day my neighbors hear GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO through the walls early in the morning.

Through slowly building my portfolio by dollar cost averaging, I will begin earning passive income this year. As that develops it will allow me even more time to devote to the blockchain community.

Congratulations again, that’s awesome.

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Congratulations @Ulrich ! Thanks for sharing, this is very encouraging news.

Hi Carlos! Thanks man! I can’t record a testimonial, since I’m under an NDA at the moment. From the moment I can, I will!

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Thank you very much Mauro!

Thank you! STrismosin man! Yeah DEFI will be huge in this cycle. The key with the course is to take the time for them. Might sound stupid, but the more you make your time available, the better you will assimilate all the knowledge. The good morning crypto is epic! Lots of good info there ( but also lots of shillingmentals too haha ) Also building passive income will be important for everyone. Nowadays I’ m staking and mining in order to ride through the world economic crisis ahead.

Would be awesome when you have the time! When you feel that you have the time for it, let me know, i can give you some guidelines :slight_smile:

Carlos Z

wow, congratulations to you! :blush:

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That really motivated me…I have also registered for academy but due to some personal issues I was not able to continue. But your post really motivated me and will resume my studies from today onwards.

Congrats bro :blush:

:zap:Congratulations @Ulrich :boom: Good Luck! :zap: thx for sharing! :star_struck: :hugs:

Congratulations!!! This is amazing!!

Congrats @Ulrich! I’m trying to achieve the same as you :smile: :partying_face:

Congratulations and Good Luck

Congratulations Ulrich!!