GoodGameCenter ICO 13/08/2018

I am glad to greet you, friends! Today I will tell you about the project that will turn the game industry over, and the team that is working on its implementation. I think you will be interested to know what GGC is and what product for gamers we are ready to implement. Go! The idea of GoodGameCenter arose from the real need and dissatisfaction with what is now on the market in this segment. Three members of our team are semi-professional players in CS GO and Dota 2.

The problem of the lack of a single platform for gamers, within which one could do everything from buying virtual things to betting on tournaments, interested us very much. Studying the blockchain we understood that implementation of such an idea would be real only with the usage of this technology. Having studied the market, our team realized that a single gaming platform based on blockchain is interesting not only to us, but it is absolutely necessary for the game community!

Every day more than 400 million players use the services of centralized trading platforms, as well as the interest to entertaining games and virtual items is also encreasing. High demand is manifested in freelancing - training beginners, pumping characters. Most players face the theft of accounts, virtual items, fraud on the part of services or payment of high commissions when making transactions. These factors are the main obstacle to the growth of the virtual values market, which aggregate volume in turn is more than 60 billion US dollars. Now we are ready to launch a project that has no analogues in the world, combining all the needs of players that can be met online! GoodGameCenter is the future of the gaming community that has already come. If you have not visited our site and do not know anything about this project, now I will tell you what the uniqueness, convenience and real benefits of GGC are. To begin I will explain what it is: GGC is an ecosystem for gamers that operates on a blockchain technology that includes a global marketplace of game items, news, freelancing, gambling games, arena. What does it mean? This means that now all that is needed for the player, both the pro and the newcomer - is inside this single site. GGC users will utilize GGC Token as a charge unit for all transactions in the system and as a basis for interacting with digital site services. GGC allows you to make a deposit / withdrawal in crypto currency, fiat money or game items. All operations are protected by smart contracts based on blockchain technology. So many opportunities the blockchain opens to improve the quality and enhance the convenience of life! Now you are familiar with the main idea of GGC, but I’m quite sure that you still feel like asking how it will all work. All that concerns the code of the token and its functions, you can parse on githabE, and the very essence I will explain here: We are preparing to issue 500,000,000 GGC Tokens. We ask you to focus your attention on the distribution of tokens, as well as on the periods of their sales, in order to understand how the economic model of GoodGameCenter is formed:

70% To ICO participants. Distribution of GGC Tokens to participants for all ICO periods.

7% Bounty, referral Bounty program and referral program, bonuses to ICO participants.

10% team.Team and founders, advisors and persons supporting the project.

13% Reserve fund guaranteeing the continuous operation of GGC. Creation of international information sources in the media.

With each subsequent period of the ICO we provide a certain discount for the purchase of our tokens, which decreases in each period. Let’s consider the formation of the GGC Token (GGC) course at the sales stages: Private Sale: August 13 to September 10.

1 GGC Token = 0.07 USD. 1,000,000 $ minimum amount required The upper limit of fees: 2,000,000 $

Period ICO round 1: November 5 to December 2, 2018. 1 GGC Token = 0.14 USD. 5,000,000 $ minimum amount required. The upper limit of fees: 10,000,000 $

Period of ICO round 2: December 10 to January 27, 2019. 1 GGC Token = 0.21 USD. 25,000,000 $ minimum amount required. The upper limit of fees: 52,000,000 $.

Now we are at the stage of Private Sale which will take place before September 10th. Now you have the opportunity to invest in the future of the gaming industry at the most profitable rate. If you believe in blockchain at least a tenth of how I believe in it, then follow the link and apply for an investment right now!



Aside from language issues in the white paper (you really need to engage someone with good English writing skills), I have the following questions / comments:

  • You repeatedly mention you will be listed on exchanges, that is not a typical promise you can make and can get you into serious legal problems.
  • You mention that the GGC token is a utility token, yet you discuss and project the increase in value of the token and trading (security)
  • You wish to compete with Steam and Opskins (which is already working with Steam), but other than listing some issues that users may have encountered I don’t really see how you will be competing? Do you have any agreements with gaming companies already? From what I’ve seen in the whitepaper you currently don’t appear to have any.
  • How will you convince game producers to use your platform instead of your competition?
  • You repeatedly, all through the document, talk about payments in goods, services, GGC tokens and / or Fiat; which implies that you will run your own exchange? How then is this a utility token? Where will this exchange be located? Under which jurisdiction?
  • 12 out of 45 pages are dedicated to the bounty programme, rather than explaining the ICO, there is no need for this data in your white paper.
  • There is no valuation of your token in the white paper
  • There is no mention of a soft cap
    -Zac Kunic’s profile does not exist.
  • One of the core team members has practical working experience in software development, the others do not, nor do they have any practical business experience. This honestly looks a bit weak in terms of trusting the team that they can pull off such an ambitious project.
  • One of the advisors is a software developer, one of the advisors seems to be a professional ICO advisor (if there is such a thing), who has been working on various projects for the last 2 months. Neither is associated with your project; this begs a question as to whether they are really advisors?
  • Most importantly, nobody on the team appears to have any experience (aside from Alexander Emelyanov) in regards to software development. None of the advisors / team members have experience managing a company, let alone a project of this size, none appear to have experience in gaming software or game software development, marketplace development, etc. This really begs the question as to how you plan to run this project?
  • You mention that your specialists have analysed centralised sites (which sites?) took the best of those sites (which functionality?) and addressed the defects (which and where?)?
  • You mention that your analysts and software developers have created a comfortable service for players, where is this service available? Prototyping and basic functionality should be completed by now.

Potentially interesting project but it needs a bit more clear information at this point.

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