Getting airdropped (?) ERC-20 tokens from old EOS address

A couple of days ago when I housekeep all my crypto I found an offline MyEtherWallet I backup a couple of years back. After I learnt about I enter the address of the MEW wallet on I clicked on the transaction I backup from Binance, I got the Transaction Details screen, then I click on the Contract (The “EOS:Old Token” line) and the line “Token:” got my attention - is it something previously airdopped to my MEW address?

At that I suspect that the EOS and the tokens may have been freezed. After some Google I followed the instructions below

to recover my EOS. It works, but not the ERC-20 tokens airdopped (obviously).

I have put everything crypto aside and just crossed path with it again. I haven’t been touching it for a couple of years and didn’t realize EOS have so much changes these years.

Is it possible to claim the ERC-20 tokens and get them back? Any help will be appreciated.