Gas Fee Tokens Legit?

A bunch of gas fee cashback tokens have popped up, the operative idea being if you buy and hold their token, you can get cash back on your gas expenditures on any wallet action equal to the amount of value you hold in the token.

I’m not clear on how legit this is; it seems based only on pumpamentals, as they’re paying people just to buy and hold their token. Not sure what value they’re bringing to the overall space otherwise.

How to know if they just won’t rugpull after they sell a bunch of tokens?

Four I have heard of:
unidex gas

Any feedback on these?

There is also the 1INCH Chi token. More buying Chi when prices are low in anticipation/speculation when the fees are high. (So I bought chi when it was low to experiment now when the fees are higher).

It may be less of a issue if it goes away with EIP-2751 (as they would not work). So you may want to spend/sell them while gas is high or chi/etc tokens are high.

The other things to consider are the ETH2.0 and ETH1.0 updates.

Some articles are:
For EIP-2751:

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