Garbled Autonomous Bots Leveraging Ethereum

Has anyone read this report yet?

This is the Abstract –
Simple but mission-critical internet-based applications that require extremely high reliability and
availability could potentially benefit from running on robust public programmable blockchain
platforms such as Ethereum. Unfortunately, program code running on such blockchains is ordinarily publicly viewable, rendering these platforms unsuitable for applications requiring strict
privacy of application code, data, and results. However, might it be possible to encode an application’s business logic and data for these platforms in such a way that it becomes impossible
for unauthorized parties to infer any meaningful information whatsoever about the semantics
of the data, and the operations being performed on that data? In this report, we describe GABLE (Garbled Autonomous Bots Leveraging Ethereum), a system concept developed at Sandia
that achieves this security goal in a limited, but still useful range of circumstances. GABLE uses
simple but effective algorithms to permit secure private execution of garbled state machines
(and more efficient garbled circuits) on public computing resources. We give an example working implementation for garbled state machines, written using the Python and Solidity programming languages, and outline how our methods can be extended to support a more powerful
garbled universal circuit model of computation. The capability embodied by the GABLE system
has significant potential applications, a few of which we discuss in this report.

It’s pretty interesting - let me know if you read it. I’ve yet to finish.