Frontend Technologies - Introduction

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Front end are the technologies that FACE the user.

These can include Website, Application and Embedded System

The Website, App and Embedded system might be communicating with one server - the server is where the information is. The information is stored on the back end and the front end apps communicate with the server.

Angular JS, React and JQuery are different libraries or tools that help developers build applications on the web so they can easily construct different buttons, labels and texts. These tools allow you to take the information from the server and display it in a user-friendly way.
This is the FIELD of web technologies.

With Apps you have two different universes, namely NATIVE and WEB APPS.

This can create complex issues in software development, so, these days programmers build websites that LOOK like and APP in Jquery, React or Angular.

Embedded is very close to the hardware - so the programming is difficult - it’s low level.



i guess if the supply chain industry or a an ATM machine would be using crypto, it may need embedded front end… perhaps companies like NCR, Square, would use such type of embedded front ends