Front End Development?

Hello! As I’ve dived deeper into the programming course, I’ve realized that there isn’t a ton of front end development. What course/training would you recommend for diving deeper into front end development.

Note: For other students out there that have front end experience this is also a question for you and as to how you learned it.

This course introduces jQuery which can be used to build simple front-end and if perfect for this course, however if you really want to learn and work with front-end on a deeper level you need to learn React or Angular. I suggest this playlist which you can look at after completing the Javascript sections we give you in this course


My goal wasn’t just front end developer but back end development too. So for this you need to know HTML, CSS, JavaScript or some framework of JavaScript and MySQL (database where you store all the values). For HTML and CSS I learned by myself without tutorials and books easiest is to find one website which you like and create same or similar one. When you don’t have any clue how to do it just google it you will find solution for almost every problem. And you repeat doing websites like this until you feel confident with HTML and CSS.

For PHP I watched tutorials from for me video tutorials are much better then books. In advanced course you have little MySQL too I think but MySQL isn’t hard but very important for serious projects.

And at the end when you learn all of this just make some your projects to learn even more. You will never know everything.

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There’s probably a ton of tutorials up on Youtube that will give you a good grounding in html, css, javascript, etc. I’d recommend checking out ‘TheNewBoston’.
If you want a good course on Udemy that teaches how to build web apps, I could recommend following this link:
You will need to pay for the course, but Udemy are always having sales so you can pick it up dirt cheap at the right time. The good thing about at least this course (can’t say the same for all Udemy courses) the instructor is committed to answering students questions in a timely manner which is worth its weight in gold. Plus the videos are very easy to follow.
Once you have all the basics of web development down (html, css, javascript), you might want to look into learning a framework like React and learning how to incorporate libraries like Bootstrap.
It might seem overwhelming at first, but take things one step at a time. Frameworks are designed to make the process simpler and quicker, but you need to have the basics down first.

It would be better decentralised practice to delegate database storage to the blockchain and business logic onto smart contracts. Otherwise you might as well just ignore the whole fact you learn’t blockchain.

I just wrote my experience how I learned stuff. Maybe he won’t even use blockchain because like Filip said in one of the videos better to use database for storing results of random game (NEM) then blockchain because you need to search a lot of transaction and then you can only show results of all players but with database you can just show them much faster.

For everything you need to evaluate what is better centralized system or decentralized one. Blockchain is just not good enough for everything yet.

What about native apps though?

With native apps you mean android and ios?

Everything and that includes, IOS, Android, Ubuntu Touch, Windows Phone, Linux, BSD, Windows, Mac, F-Droid, e.c.t.

Haha, so literally every device ever made, that would most likely require every programming language ever made… Just learn the fundamentals of blockchain and application development, pitch a great idea, hire the people you need.

You can look what they have For Android (Java) they have good tutorials probably for iOS too. But Android development is not for people who starts programming it’s too hard for starters. When you understand basics good then you can try it.

If you know basics you can learn other programming languages fast so this is not problem. But first you need to think what project you want to made because if you learn programming for example android, iOS, websites and you will never develop any project it’s pointless to learn. Even if you complete tutorials for android you know quite little because in android you can do a lot of stuff you will need to google a lot to find some solutions. And at start learn just one programming language either for Android, iOS, Websites (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) or something else and master it. Then go to other one.

Hey, there are many courses and projects you can take up. As a beginner, I am behind Udemy, and if you wondering what more skills are required. I found this post on Google that might help,
More resources

You can try also this one Frontend Masters: JavaScript, React, Vue, Angular, CSS (Frontend Masters). This book also covers the language in-depth, from basics to advanced topics - More recourses - Happy coding!