First Project - C++ - "2-in-1" Guessing Game

Hi community,

Here is the link to my C++ project:

The program files are:

The code became a little bit longer than expected in order to cover all the scenarios and edge cases but I am open to any suggestions to compress the code :slight_smile:

A question concering uploads to GitHub:
What is the proper way or best practice to upload a multi-file program? For example, is it recommended to upload the whole C++ program folder to GitHub (as I just did with my project) or would it be sufficient to only upload the three files listed above?

Feel free to share any suggestions, recommendations or other feedback. :slight_smile:


@thecil @JesseJames

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You can only commit the files that are required for the code to be compiled (source files, makefile, other project files and resources…). You can create a .gitignore file to let git know which files to ignore in commits. You can find some basic examples for different projects, and then add other stuff you don’t want.

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This is a good insight - and the link is very helpul!

Thanks a lot @Alko89