Explanation on Lifting State Up Video

Can someone explain in simpler terms or another way what he is doing in the video? I’m having a hard time grasping what he is doing. Correct me if I am wrong but the whole reason we are rearranging the refresh button is that the this.state.coinData is not actually changing when you refresh rather just doing a mathematical equation on an already existing parent number. So we are making the website actually refresh the parent number to see if it changed not just changing the number ourselves???

Also what would be helpful is to explain the technical thing happening. To my basic understanding, we make a state prop of the button event send it into CoinList to be put in the table which sends it to Coin to collect the data of the table but from there I am lost. What is the purpose of the props and event in the Coin if it is in the App.js?

Honestly if anyone can explain the ties between coin.jsx with the App.js that would be great!

Thanks in advance