Exchanging alt coins

Hello, is there a way to reduce network fees, for instance, when trying to exchange eth to pols on uniswap i get a 15 euros network fee?

The price of fee gas is relative to network congestion. Check when the network is less busy then the fee is smaller. You can check it on etherscan website

I would love to have $15, mine is regularly $60 and above, even for small transactions. Is there a more efficient way of doing this, like buying uniswap on a fiat exchange and using those, or will it always be the same for ERC20 tokens? I don’t see the point in trading anything but serious values if you end up with $150 USD gas fee’s between each and every buy/sell. 10 coins back and forth is over 1.5k

In fact, this whole gas fee concept is making me 2nd guess the viability of Ethereum as a whole. There is absolutely no way this could ever become used by the retail customer outside of trading or large corporate size payments unless this gets addressed.

Please, if anyone knows of a better way to start playing with some coins, or if I have missed a big chunk on how Ethereum has a future outside of high value transactions, I am happy to be educated.

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Would anyone know how to make the binance mainnet recognise the ERC20 tokens identifiable in my Ethereum mainnet in metamask? Ive converted so that metramask identifies binance mainnet, but it does not sshow the coins that are in the Ethereum mainnet. Of course, the wallet has the same address code on each mainnet