Every coin its own blockchain

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is every coin released has its own blockchain technology? or do we have some coins having same blockchain even they belong to different business/company/project?


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they all use blockchain technology. The exact setup of how it operates is just changed a bit, and is what makes it its own. Picture it like this, Bitcoin has its blockchain technology. then lets say Litecoin decides to launch as a different coin/project. Litecoin will take the exact same blockchain technology that bitcoin uses, except they will change the parameters/settings of their blockchain setup to have it run and operate differently to the Bitcoin network. Blockchain Technology itself is “Open Source” so anybody can use it. The different coins/projects use the same blockchain technology but just use different setups and types of blockchain networks. hope this helps :+1:

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Normally coins have their own individual blockchain, but some tokens (think ICOs) run on top of a ‘main’ blockchain that keeps a record of it’s native coin and also of the token. The main blockchains with more than one token are the Ethereum blockchain (literally thousands of tokens from thousands of projects) and the Steemit blockchain (they have different currencies in their platform).

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