Etheruem boilerplate loading/speed issues

I cloned the eth boilerplate repo and created a new server on moralis - then linked them together using the application ID and server URL.


  1. Creating/deleting a server on moralis takes very long time. Compared to the tutorials I have been watching, it’s significantly slower. I thought it was my internet connection in the beginning so I switched to a faster connection (200mbps) but nothing changed. Can anyone confirm if this issue occurs with anyone else? It takes a good 5 minutes to launch a server (when in fact it should take around 10-15 seconds). It’s not really a problem, I’m a patient person and I can wait - but I believe it is impacting the speed of my project because:

  2. The eth boilerplate project is also very slow. Some UI elements are not loading as well. The fiat onramper doesn’t load at all. I switched to the local dev environment thinking it would make things faster, but the same issues reproduced on the local dev/test/mainnet networks.

Additional info:

  • I am creating this server from Beirut, Lebanon. Could it be that the region has something to do with this? Since the closest region to Beirut is Frankfurt.


More screenshots

Transfers section

Hey @zk-janzi, hope you are ok.

Please take this issue to this topic, which they will help you with it:

Carlos Z