ETH futures on CME

How Do you think coming soon futures will impact price and volatility within middle run (2021-2022)?

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Hi LioC, welcome to the community! I’m not sure it actually does as the asset ETH isn’t actually bought and the settlement is cash. I’ve read a couple of articles that say Futures do have an impact but don’t say how; but claim it will add stability in the price!! Maybe it has long term affects as reassures investors that the crypto space is real and to be taken seriously. Would be interested to hear other thoughts on this!?

Thanks, Mike,
Indeed, I am interested in this topic, because I can’t guess why more futures = contracts with bets against future value of underlying = can confer prices stability.
Sure they confer an awsome manipulation level to the big hands…But I am a small retailer.

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I think most of us are small retailers. Keep searching as I’m sure you’ll find something that resonates and is also profitable. Let us all know when you do!

I believe the overall attention it attracts to the broader financial mainstream e.g. traditional finance will definitely push the price even further. Interest for the actual will increase inevitable. And that’s just one of the reasons that is fundamentally bullish for Ethereum. As of today at least :wink: