ETH cannot go too much higher in price

Am I the only one who think like that? Or am I missing something?

If ETH goes up in price, gas will cost more thus transactions / dapps / (DeFi on top) looses its incentives.

Price and use case go in oposite directions.

For eth 2.0 bein release and stable we could wait for months :pensive:

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The gas is always expensive, man … is a luxury car :grin:
Normally the price should be higher than 1800$/eth, sketchy indeed!


A good analogy is like wanting to live in Manhattan or Beverly Hills. The more people with money move in, the higher the demand for the limited real state that is available. Hence, high prices that some people can afford but not others.

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Thank you @bjamRez for your reply :), but the problem has nothing to do with demand rather with scalability

I already left Ethereum as a developer and investor after learning Solidity, I could be wrong but PoW and OOP languages have no future.

well, thanks for your honesty

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