Erc777, erc820, erc20

Hey everybody, i just saw Ivan’s latest video Ivans ERC777, ERC820, ERC20 video.

I wanted to open a new topic for all of us to talk about these proposals and share what we know and think about them.

Ivan has already done a great job explaining the basics of these proposals but i think it’s up to all of us to dig deeper and see how we could benefit from them.

As i understand them at this moment, ERC777 and ERC820 work together to overcome issues that the ERC20 standard has but at the same time, potentially creating new ones, also, i would like to know if the combination of ERC777 and ERC820 are more than just an attempt to fix the ERC20 problems or do they also provide additional functionalities that extend the range of use cases for smartcontracts?

I’ll personally be investigating more about them and sharing.
Have a nice day :sunny:


The prospects of ERC777 are very exciting. The features I tend to find the most fascinating is the ability to update token functions and erc777 backwards compatibility with erc20. Currently I only know of one project that has implemented their erc777 token (Global Crypto Alliance’s CALL token) on the Ethereum mainnet. With ERC777, ethereum standards are indeed taking a step in the right direction.