EOS - Website Issue

I’ve just started the EOS 101 course. I’m struggling to be able to create a new account, it pops up saying 'Create a new account (blockone-testnet)
‘Please go to block.one testnet to create an account and import the private keys to keypair manager’.
I’ve created an account on blockone, I’ve copied both the owner/active private keys into the key manager, but nothings changed.

In your video explaining it only shows how to do it on the downloaded version of EOS Studio, which as mentioned in the video isn’t possible with Windows. It’d be really useful if you could create a side video on how to setup a windows version (not how to download it etc).

Please let me know how I can fix this issue as I won’t be able to continue the EOS course without.

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Hey @Satoshi-dev, hope you are well and welcome to the Ivan on Tech community :nerd_face:

The EOS Studio website has not being working properly.
What we can advice you is to download it, install it and run it locally on your computer, so you can run and test all the contracts and create any kind of accounts that you might need.



You might also have to install docker, but it will be ask over the EOS Studio installation setup.

Carlos Z