EOS Staking NFTs

Hello everyone, does anyone have any idea how to go about staking NFTs for rewards? I’m trying to write a contract like that but I have no idea how to even get started on this part.
Any resource links or ideas are very welcome

Thank you in advance

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Today I’m no expert, but only time will tell. I’m not certain but I’m under the assumption since NFTs are only tokens of a different standard, you should only have to stake them (i.e. have them sent from the user to the address you wish them to be staked at), and your rewards protocol would be some logic that you programmed to distribute a set amount of rewards to all addresses with NFTs staked. Check out the solidity doc, on that, I’m certain it will help.

Thanks ibn5x I’ll check the solidy doc as I cannot start even imagine how to go around solve this, the way you are suggesting we would need to have an scheduled task that distribute the rewards everyday