EnjinIdentity Classes for New SDK

Has anyone managed to fix up this game to work with the newer version of the Enjin SDK?

I got to the part where logging in a user no longer worked because email has been deprecated in the new Enjin API when creating a new user. I saw @Billy 's posts regarding upgrading the login method, but trying to implement this is breaking all kinds of stuff in the code.

I’m trying to figure this stuff out by reading the Enjin.cs, classes and all other files in the new SDK but still getting stuck.

Is anyone able to confirm what is the correct include for the new SDK to use in AccountManager.cs? “using EnjinSDK;” no longer works. I am trying using Enjin;, using Enjin.SDK;, using Enjin.SDK.Core;, the first two seem like they might be working, the third creates a lot of errors.

I am getting an error that namespace “EnjinIdentity” and “EnjinAdminIdentity” no longer work.
Looking in the classes files for clues I’ve tried replacing these with “Identity”, “EnjinIdentities”, “User”… none of these are working.

is there any plan for maybe a short update to the course to address the new SDK?

Thanks for any help.

Sorry for the inconveniences sir, we will be updating our courses soon.

Carlos Z

hi @spaceleafio I used the following:

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;

using Enjin.SDK.DataTypes;
using Enjin.SDK.Core;
using static Enjin.SDK.Core.Enjin;