Enjin Wallet Issue

Hey everyone. I am having a problem linking the Enjin wallet to the linking code. Here is the error message I keep getting in the terminal.

@spaceleafio were you able to use the terminal to connect the wallet with the linkingcode?

I keep getting this error

ericlam@Erics-MacBook-Pro enjin-wallet-daemon-JellyJourney % node src/main.js link F42QA5P
Logging to /Users/ericlam/enjin-wallet-daemon/enjin-wallet-daemon-2021-12-17T03-24-38.070Z.log
    Reading config file: /Users/ericlam/enjin-wallet-daemon-JellyJourney/config.json
    Reading backup config file: /Users/ericlam/enjin-wallet-daemon-JellyJourney/example-config.json
    Enjin Wallet Daemon 1.1.3-beta
    account - created - (address: 0xf78148A2Ce142C096587b3495Efc708b2B1EbE61)
    account - nonce 0 - (address: 0xf78148A2Ce142C096587b3495Efc708b2B1EbE61)
    storage - Saving storage to: /Users/ericlam/enjin-wallet-daemon/storage.json
    wallet - Linking to new app using F42QA5P
    wallet - Getting TP ID...
    wallet - TP ID is 5
    wallet - Connecting to Platform: 5
    storage - Saving storage to: /Users/ericlam/enjin-wallet-daemon/storage.json
  ! Error
    "message": "Attempting to link a non-player user.",
    "code": 400

it’s really hard to figure out what’s going on here. Does anyone know?


I have the same issue!

I have the solution:
Write this code into graphql/playground:
mutation {
CreateEnjunUser(name: “admin”) {
Then get Identities like in the video and use the second linking code!
I hope it will solve your problems!

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This worked for me, thanks buddy

has anyone share a solution? I am facing the same issue