Enjin is gonna be big

im new here as of today. im currently incarcerated and i want to expand my knowledge because the prison system is anti-advanced-education. im using a contraband phone that i was able to purchase at an extremely high price but i can now reach out to the world and my family so i can never put a price on that.

ive been gone from the world for over 8 years and this is the first time ive had access to the internet in over 8 years. in 2017 i read INTERNET OF MONEY by Andreas Antonopoulos and i had never heard of Bitcoin up until that moment. it wss about August 2017. since that day ive been doing nothing but consuming anything about bitcoin, blockchain, cypherpunks, encryption, Cryptocurrencies, etc. in about a year i was fortunate enough to have family and friends ordering me books. ive now read more than 20 books and ive read these books no less than 6x’s a piece! THE BOOK OF SATOSHI, BLOCKCHAIN AND THE LAW, MASTERING BITCOIN, THE BITCOIN STANDARD, etc, etc…

I contacted an outside career institute that charged my mom $800 dollars to send me books about “C” coding, i graduated with honors and a 93%gpa, but i just had the books, i didnt have access to a terminal. i started teaching a class to other prisoners, teaching about bitcoin, blockchain and crypto. i taught this class for a year then transferred to this new prison on medical transfer, my dad has stage 4 lung cancer. its been a rough ride.

i got this phone about 2 months ago and i just started an educational group on Facebook to help spread thr wird to family and friends and right now i have 63 members.

i met a British lady there on Facebook and i helped her learn about bitcoin and wallets, she had since invested an extremely large amount of money into crypto. she’s very happy and she found IVAN ON TECH and told me she’d pay for a year for me if i wanted. i accepted her offer and now here i am… if you can help guide me i really could use the help. im 41 years old, from America.

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Hi Btcblockmaster

I’m happy to see that you are making the best of an unfortunate situation.
Can you elaborate more why Enjin is going to be big?

Is it possible to share your facebook group?

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I believe blockchain and game-streaming is a nuclear bomb waiting to blow and if enjin succeeds it’ll be one of the largest projects in crypto, though it may take quite some time. Its wise familiarize ones self with it now

Heres the link to my group:


Over one year ago I also wrote bitcoin articles for blockonedaily.com using the prisons sandboxed email system.

Sorry my authors page is: