Enjin - Cannot Link Account to Daemon Wallet

Hello! is anyone aware of issues/solutions regarding linking an identity to a new wallet/account create for the wallet deamon? I am getting an error using the node src/main.js link , stating “Attempting to link a non-player user.”

I used the one and only identity code available when i query for “viewIdentities”. Support in the Enjin discord suggested I need to create a new enjin user as they don’t allow the account admin identity to be linked as it is done in the course video. I am trying to use CreateEnjinUser mutation in GraphQL but can’t seem to get the format right. I am trying something like:

mutation {
 CreateEnjinUser(name:"admin") {

I get an error returned that says: “The Bearer token is either missing, invalid or has been revoked.”

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Ok, I was able to create a new User using the GraphQL playground and link that second identity properly. I got different results when first trying with the graphiql inferface vs when trying with the /playground link.

Seems like their documentation is a weird jumble of old and new methods, I’m not sure it’s all up to date :confused:

@spaceleafio were you able to use the terminal to connect the wallet with the linkingcode?

I keep getting this error

ericlam@Erics-MacBook-Pro enjin-wallet-daemon-JellyJourney % node src/main.js link F42QA5P
Logging to /Users/ericlam/enjin-wallet-daemon/enjin-wallet-daemon-2021-12-17T03-24-38.070Z.log
    Reading config file: /Users/ericlam/enjin-wallet-daemon-JellyJourney/config.json
    Reading backup config file: /Users/ericlam/enjin-wallet-daemon-JellyJourney/example-config.json
    Enjin Wallet Daemon 1.1.3-beta
    account - created - (address: 0xf78148A2Ce142C096587b3495Efc708b2B1EbE61)
    account - nonce 0 - (address: 0xf78148A2Ce142C096587b3495Efc708b2B1EbE61)
    storage - Saving storage to: /Users/ericlam/enjin-wallet-daemon/storage.json
    wallet - Linking to new app using F42QA5P
    wallet - Getting TP ID...
    wallet - TP ID is 5
    wallet - Connecting to Platform: 5
    storage - Saving storage to: /Users/ericlam/enjin-wallet-daemon/storage.json
  ! Error
    "message": "Attempting to link a non-player user.",
    "code": 400

it’s really hard to figure out what’s going on here. Do you know?


I am having the same problem. what is the solution? has anyone shared?

Has anyone got a solution for this yet?

This issue has been over some time now, i have tried to reach https://enjin.io/support but they have not reply me, i advice to try the same if is possible.

Carlos Z

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Yup, I have already sent an email to support. Hope I’ll get an answer.

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Please let us know if they provide you with any solution, I could just add it to the course lesson for future students :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

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