Does a DIY Custom Crypo-Mutual Fund-like APP exist?

Does a custom crypto-mutual fund-like app exist?

I am interested in an app that allows you to become your OWN fund manager…less the fund fees!

You select the Coins that apply to your particular objective, you apply percentage of fund holding to that, and from that you are able to buy all the coins in the correct ratio with just one click.

For example I am interested in building an African development Coin fund (for my own investing, not to peddle to others). In that fund I would hold: x, y, z…some AKOIN, ELECTRONIUM, DASH…etc…all the coins that meet my specificiations to be in the fund.

AKOIN 50%, ELECTRONIUM 25%, DASH 25%…you get it.

Now I have 2 ethererum and I seek the APP that will do all the proportioning and purchasing for me!..1 ETH to AKOIN, .5 to ELECTRONIUM, .5 to DASH…you know what I mean…it does all the work after setup so I can DCA 2 ETH a month to it alone for example.

THere could be 25 tokens in the African development fund in total but all I seek to do is drop the 2 ETH and have the APP do all the rest.

And in the APP I could hold many different types of DIY funds I have generated and does all the work for me. All I need to do is choose the tokens and the percentage of holdings.

I guess this would be (correct me if I am not using the correct terminology as I am not a programmer) some sort of API with existing WEB CLIENT Exchanges??? Or is this a function of some existing exchanges that I am not aware of as it isn’t in Binance to my knowledge.

I’m the first to respond to my chain…self propagation I guess, lol.

Well after logging onto my traditional brokerage firm, this is what I found coincidentally…if it exists for traditional exchanges…it surely has to be coming for cryptocurrency (if not inherently here already)

# Start using partner apps

Before you enter the wide world of apps in our app hub, we need your consent to give your account information to what our lawyers call third-parties, meaning any approved partner outside Questrade. Rest assured, your personal information will always remain private. Only apps visible in our app hub are authorized partners. Any apps outside of the app hub are not approved Questrade apps.

Most people do not ‘get’ that the apps are 3’rd parties…I for one would not have had any idea, I would have thought it was just part of Questrade…but I guess as an analogy it would be like my 2012 Dodge Ram truck…it just doesn’t have a regular stereo in it, it has an Alpine Stereo…just my thoughts

there is more…from APP hub, these are the DEVELOPERS that I hear Ivan talking about in his course…this is an example of what they are making to add value to QUESTRADE I guess

# App hub

#### Connect Questrade with any of our partner apps or build your own in the developer platform.

How it works
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### Profitly TLC Media LLC

Verify your trades through Profitly

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### TradingDiary Pro Sword Tech Kft.

TradingDiary Pro is a user-friendly trading journal and performance recorder software with a wide range of configurations, useful statistics and practical reports, that help to become a better trader.

*** [image]**

### Wootrader WooTrader Inc.

Wootrader introduces the easiest stock picking platform allowing you to start picking stocks within the first 5 minutes and then turn into an investing pro one step at a time.

*** [image]**

### MotiveWave MotiveWave Software

MotiveWave is a fully featured professional trading platform built for the individual trader that is easy to use.

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### Wealthica Wealthica Financial Technology Inc.

Wealthica retrieves investment accounts balances, transactions and positions from your financial institutions on a daily basis.

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### Magenta Trader Magenta Trader

Magenta Trader is an option trading seasonal and range trading software with an intuitive visual interface

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### Medved Trader 2GK, Inc.

Medved Trader is a Lightning fast, easy to use charting & trading platform designed by traders, for traders. Full-featured trading platform designed with active traders in mind.

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### Simply Wall St Simply Wall St

Simply Wall St is a website and app that helps investors make better decisions by giving them access to institutional quality data and analysis presented visually.

*** **

### IonDesk IonDesk


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### Option Dynamics Dynamic Trend, Inc.

A full featured powerful technical analysis trading platform designed for the Stock and Options Trader.

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### Passiv Passiv

Passiv is a tool for investors who have a target portfolio and want to keep their holdings as close to target as possible. It detects when transactions should be made and prompts the user to trade.

*** **

### Passiv Passiv

Passiv is a tool for investors who have a target portfolio and want to keep their holdings as close to target as possible. It detects when transactions should be made and prompts the user to trade.

*** **

### VectorVest VectorVest

VectorVest is a stock analysis and portfolio management tool that analyzes, sorts and ranks over 23,000 stocks each day.

*** **

### Alexa Alexa


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### Google old Google old


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### Google Google


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### Pilot Trading QuantGate Systems

Pilot Trading is a mobile based app that helps traders enter and manage trades

I like this idea because if someone doesn’t want to go through the trouble of buying multiple crypto, they could use the platform to automatically transact on the user’s behalf.

This way the user has diversification in their investments and if they, for example, want to invest 2 ETH per month and don’t care about the individual crypto prices and just want to keep averaging their investments, it would save the user time and effort in recalculating and rebalancing their portfolio.

What we be crucial is that the platform keeps track of the cost base of each purchase. It’ll be needed for accurate tax reporting for the capital gains/losses in the future when you decide to sell.

I’ll do some research to see if anything like this already exists.

Yes, you understand my idea but properly worded it in traditional finance lingo and crypto lingo (both of which I am a novice). Are you an accountant BTY?

Anyway this leads to another question I have.

Not everything I will be doing will be in TFSA. Some personal and potentially some as under a single person corporation (I guess professional trader?) eventually but need to build some seed capital first in the TFSA.

Is there a ‘bookkeeping’ like application that will assemble all the trades transactions and package it in a nice way such that you can hand it over to ANY accountant to file a return?

If trading crypto is your SOLE source of income (currently in 2020 that is the case for me) can one just use a CRA-certified tax preparation software such as TurboTax or several others? Or just file directly on CRA website but I am reluctant to do so without API help…

I am an accountant with a CPA, yeah.

I don’t specialize in tax, so take what I say tax-related with a grain of salt.

Note that when it comes to investing, unless you’re a day trader, it’ll take time to build wealth. If you are investing in risky companies/industries, you have to be ready to potentially lose money too. Don’t risk more than you’re willing to lose.

For bookkeeping applications, do you mean for TFSA trades? If so, no need since trades aren’t taxable. Regardless, the platform you use (Questrade or Wealthsimple, for example) tracks your trades for you.

If by bookkeeping applications you mean for crypto trading, I’m sure you can find many alternatives that can track your purchases. Whatever you use to purchase the crypto will also likely have a log of all your transactions, so you would be able to export that list to know your cost-base. I know in the USA, there is a company called TaxBit ( that helps with managing tax and helping with tax remittences, but it currently is unavailable in Canada.

Take a look at this CRA publication on taxation for crypto:

As for filing, there is a section in your return where you can fill out your capital gains/losses transactions, but I use U-File ( so it’s easy to just add transactions. I haven’t used TurboTax before. Here is an example of how to calculate your capital gains/losses to be filed: