Do you have github for your React Web Development 101?

I am currently on page 2 of your React web development 101 but I wonder why there’s no github documentation for every part of your course? With ethereum smart contract programming 201, I could double check all the codes and compare with the teacher’s github codes, so it’s much easier to understand and in case I mistype something after watching the video.

but with React web development 101, why there’s no github code to compare?

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im not sure why there is no github for this course. i can ask one of the guys and see. however if you want a finished version check this out

Is there a github that is talked about in video with all the commits as I like to check my code againist as runnining into issue as seems to missing something?

While it’s unfortunate that the React course you’re following doesn’t provide GitGub documantation, there could be various reasons behind this. However, I encourage you to reach out to the course instructor or the platform’s support team and inquire about the availability of code resources. They might have alternative ways to assist you in understanding and clarifying any code-related concerns you might have.

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