Do Satoshis have any affect on the integrity of Bitcoin?

I understand Bitcoins as whole units but I am not certain about the future of derivatives and what part they might play. I’ve heard all kinds of rumors but want to make sure there are no empty conspiracies started here about Bitcoin or blockchain.

I’m very early in the learning process here at the academy and I would be interested to see this addressed. What part derivatives of encrypted data play in the future of blockchain, if any. Or it is simply too early to know.

I’m not sure I fully understand your question. Satoshis are the smallest units of Bitcoin. Since the price of BTC grew so much most of the people can’t afford one BTC anymore.
I imagine in the future the phrase Satoshi will be much more commonly used simply because it will be more affordable. Second layers like the Lightning network purely uses the term satoshis instead of bitcoin because you can make sub sat tx with it and is intended for small txs of a few sats. :slight_smile:

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