Distributed webserver, are there any viable projects?

Great to have this forum! :slight_smile:

I’ve done must standard stuff for ages on webservers, as well as some more experimental things - used to anything from Debian through AWS and VPS-es in general.

Its possible to get anonymous servers in different ways, but what I have tried to find now is a simple peer-to-peer, distributed setup for a simple, personal blog.

Some projects exist, like this one: https://zeronet.io/, but as far as I can see that does not cover setting up a standard domain & letting people access it in a 100% standard way?

Is it possible to set up something like a flat file blog served on Storj as an example?

Also interested in Storj in general :slight_smile: Anyone with experience from that project?

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If I understood you correctly, I think you are looking for something like this.

Unstoppable Domains: https://unstoppabledomains.com/
From what I know, a smart contract generates a token (Erc721) to your address, and the ETH blockchain proves you are the owner of that domain. Domains are .zil and .crypto

Unstoppable Domains together with IPFS enables you to create an unstoppable peer to peer website. The only downside is that you have to use a browser that supports the new domains. Such as Unstoppable Browser from the same company or a simple google chrome extension. Also, I think Opera Mobile added support for .crypto domains not too long ago. Pretty cool. :smiley:

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I’ve checked out Unstoppable Domains, but that seems to cover .crypto only?

I guess setting up something on .crypto and then doing a redirect from the domain I want to use might work… Would lose out on some SEO, but can do without on the blog-thing I’m planning.

This is the case: I have a .is domain, Iceland is VERY strong on free speach and its been privacy protected from the start. What I want to do is more or less just demonstrate that the server then can be distributed and (relatively) anonymous, on a level that would withstand most probing at least.

Not planning anything that is nefarious at all, just putting up my stuff AND opinions in the way I want without any censorship - but then again that requires some obfuscation these days to stay safe & sane! :slight_smile:

…so, the main thing is that whatever can be set up it HAS to support all standard browsers, as the audience will not be people in tech :slight_smile:

for anything distributed content network or distributed storage, have alook at Sia.tech - it is an awesome project which i’ve been following for some time

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Thats right :slight_smile: Found this, that might work when I get around to it:

Not sure how these types of solutions will work if a public domain is set up & live traffic arrives, I guess that will just need to be tested!?

dependant on what you want to do? that team has just released what they call skynet, which is open and easy accessible from anywhere…
…they have a very active, yet small cmmunity on discord - please join if you want!?