DigiByte - Thoughts? Huge Potential? @Ivan Liljeqvist

EDIT: Ivan We’d Love To Hear Your Thoughts On Digibyte! @ivan Liljeqvist

What’s everyone’s thoughts on Digibyte?
My personal opinion is that I believe it is one of the most TRULY decentralised cryptocurrencies!
It acts as both a cryptocurrency and a platform in which DAPPS can be built and executed in a truly decentralised manner!

Link: https://www.digibyte.co/
Marketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/digibyte/

It has been around for quite some time (approx. 4 years) and has flown quite under the radar for most people.
It has fantastic technology behind it being the longest, fastest and most secure UTXO blockchain in existence.
It is much faster, and beats many coins such as Litecoin, Bitcoin etc. in terms of speed and transaction fees, and I’m actually quite shocked that it isn’t priced more than it is.
DigiByte blockchain is spread over a 200,000+ servers, 5 Mining Algorithms and has the most advanced difficulty stability of any blockchain in the world today.
I know it suffers from the likes of poor marketing, advertising and old branding etc. But I personally see that there is huge potential for it.

Here’s a fantastic reddit post created by one of the /r DigiByte moderators. “An Introduction to DigiByte”

What do you guys reckon?

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I agree with you, it is a heavily under marketed coin that actually solved many problems many of the higher respected coins were struggling with for a long time.

Perhaps start blogging about it to raise public awareness?


@VASKAS @iwan.spillebeen I agree with both of you as well however my concern with digibyte is the adoption rate and the business side of things. At what point does a crypto tech team switch sides to running a business getting adoption and even expanding within and outside of its core business? Imo, many crypto teams are not going to be able to make this transition.

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Yeah I was planning on doing so, anything to help shed some light on the project.

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Absolutely agree, most if not all cryptocurrencies just exist at this point in time, some are getting a bit of traction as methods of payment but those are still far and few between.

I’m working on some use cases for a variety of cryptocurrencies which will hopefully be a start to tipping the scale into their favour and provide some survivability.


@VASKAS @iwan.spillebeen - I wish you both success with your endeavors. Talent, drive and taking ownership is needed for this industry to pull through this nascent stage. Unfortunately right now I have very limited crypto knowledge but I plan to change that in a couple weeks once I am finished with the current project I am working on. I can’t wait to see what crazy ideas I dream up when I really understand this technology :slight_smile:


I’ve seen lots of positive support for DGB on numerous telegram channels. I feel if there is indeed another mass adoption wave entering the space that DGB could potentially a be a currency for smaller transactions (eg: a cup of coffee) My limited understanding is that it extremely fast and do a lot of transactions. And if the top 10 cryptos erupt in price, then many will be seeking lower priced cryptos, and I think this coin can be a real contender

I’m more of a fan of Myriadcoin since DGB got forked of it. Also DGB is premined afaik. But DGB seems to have some cool dApps tho.

I didn’t know DGB was premined. I think I heard Jared Tate say that he mined the first block on his own computer. Where did you hear that?

It seems like digibyte is getting some attention lately but whenever I hear some of the larger names in the crypto space talk about it they almost seem dismissive of it. It feels like digibyte has a bad reputation amongst those with large viewership. Why is this?

I am currently working through the bitcoin 101 course. In the segwit section of the course a reading assignment discusses litecoin as the adopting segwit before bitcoin but I think segwit was first adopted by digibyte.

Why is digibyte seemingly disregarded?

Hey, I think DigiByte is widely recognized as one of the safest cryptocurrencies in the space. In fact, this is due to several parts of crypto technology.
DigiByte commenced the year with $0.02. As per our analysis the price might reach an average of 0.035 by the end of January. The price might continue the same range and might trade at $0.10 by the end of 2021. Digibyte might be a good investment for the long term. It’s price may reach $1.75 in the future…
Source : CoinPedia

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