Different suggestions

Hi, I have been watching your videos and think you can improve some things;)
It is correct place to create this topic?


  • video speed doesn’t saved when video changes
  • if video finished, I use keyboard to go left, but you have timeout that redirects you to next video. You can add if any action, finish timeout.
  • if I use settings menu, then don’t close it and click on video or fullscreen (F key), menu doesn’t closed.
  • maybe add video hotkeys instructions for students

Wrong instructor.


  • better to have persent of correct answers after finish the quiz. Or we may skip some understanding.
  • add keyboard support (navigation between answers, enter submitting).

If you will need some more explanation, just ask :slightly_smiling_face:

We are (students) will have a lot of time with you, better to use things as convenient as possible;)

I found that Academy uses Wistia as a player, here are some of their shortcuts - https://wistia.com/learn/product-updates/new-wistia-hotkeys

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The video playback speed being profile-based would be great.