DEX: 1inchAPI + MM

Hello teachers. I have followed all the steps and finished the course.

But I have problems with:

  • Connecting to MM.
  • Get token balance from moralis API.
  • Get data ticker from 1inch API.

My final material is here:

Would you be so kind to look at the code and tell me what are the errors?

Hey @javier.dash, hope you are ok.

Im facing another issue from your repo, did you install the plugin in the server?

Carlos Z

Good morning Carlos! Thank you very much for your reply. I just updated changes in github. Please check if you can now.
I also take this opportunity to ask you.
Because I don’t have money in mainnet, then I think it is not possible to interact with some functions, like Swap and “Get Quote”. Is this correct?
On the left screenshot of the tutorial, and on the right my console.

getQuote will return the price quote from 2 assets, even if you dont have money on eth network nor polygon, you can still use that function to fetch the price from them.

Apparently the issue is solved, i think you should move forward and build the html tag for from-token, apparently the issue is that there is no tag with that name, so its triggers an error.

Overall this is looking super amazing man! nice job! :muscle:

Carlos Z.