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Ivan, I have many desktop applications on my PC for doing all sorts of things like music recording, image manipulation, music composing, crypto wallets, crypto miners and 3D animation programmes.

Having said that, I take your point that most companies we may work with won’t need a desktop application.

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Are there cons to using QT? Is it slower than a platform’s native language?

Unless it really hinders performance, I don’t see why QT wouldn’t be used as the go-to since code could be recycled.

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What about Desktop app for Linux? Ubuntu, and so on?

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I agree that desktop applications are not used so much by users, but for developers yes, I use desktop applications such as matlab, office, IDEs, etc.

also desktop applications could be useful in embedded development, if you want to develop on raspberry pi, beaglebone or things like that.

Bitcoin is using QT - Bitcoin client is using QT - ifyou are using a native desktop application such as bitcoin use QT - QT is low level - have access to hardware .

I have been using Microsoft OneDrive for years. Sometimes I will want to edit a Word document and when you use their webapp the performance is frequently very poor.

I routinely use the application MS Word due to this problem.

Question. The Web version is a web app. The Desktop version is software correct? What are desktop apps then?

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Lots of crypto wallets…

Thank you for another great video containing substantive discussions and/ or descriptions. I have experience developing desktop apps utilizing .NET methodologies.
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in 2022 and beyond, would QT still be recommended when compared to visual studio and/or vs code?