# Defi Options Platforms?

Does anyone know what Defi options platforms exist and why aren’t they more popular?

Are there pros and cons to using them vs centralized platforms? Any help would be appreciated.

I am seeing that it is all about testing things out to see what works. Centralized platforms definitely have ease of use, yet the problem is I am not a custodian of my cryptos. So many people I know at the university use Robinhood for buying BTC (and stocks of course). It is up to me to find a good system for the DeFi. Amadeo zips through the demos and I will need to watch them again. The centralized plats are making me some gains on the little I put into them. But I need to accumulate an ETH position in a wallet and get going. I just wish there was a standardized method that I could trust…anyone with any ideas???