DeFi digital finance stack - Discussion

I would like you to explore the DeFi digital finance stack for yourself and challenge you to spot new building blocks that are essential to the DeFi digital finance stack. Also since the rapid evolution of this DeFi space what other Blockchains are you seeing developing a more mature DeFi infrastructure?

Let’s discuss the DeFi digital finance stack together in this thread:


Hi Amadeobrands,
I’ve really enjoyed your course.
I am probably going to start by lending DAI on Compound, and then I will have a go at DeFi insurance.
Thanks again and enjoy the evening.


Hey @amadeobrands! really enjoying the course. I have a question regarding interest rates. While looking at I can see the interest rates are all really going down day by day. DAI is at like 2 or 3% (on Oasis is 0% for 2 days now) and ETH is like 0,02, 0,01%… When you recorded your videos the rates were very interesting! why this downtrend? Does it mean there is a lot of people lending?
Btw on your “Financial risk in DeFi” video you kind of predicted the blackswan event for MakerDAO this month…
Thanks a lot for your time!


Thank you for you feedback.

Check Loanscan and see all active interest rates.

We had a first real market shock and similar to traditional finance this will lower interest rates these rates will go back higher but for now it are still very interesting times we are in.

For table long term fixed interest rates on your crypto goto:

This is much safer then most central website since with Swaprate you can inspect the code and they basically use interest rate swaps since as they are betting on longer term higher rates.


just a short question. Is there a DEX with a fiat gateway, or is it only possible to enter the crypto world via the centralized exchanges?
Best regards

Btw. great course content you deliver. Thanks


Hello everyone,

just spotted a brand new tool on Ethereum allowing privacy for your transactions.


We had a first real market shock and similar to traditional finance this will lower interest rates these rates will go back higher but for now it are still very interesting times we are in.

Exactly! Very interesting times… For example, checking Opyn today, I found these very interesting rates… What’s your opinion?

Looks like if one ensures a deposit, there’s no more APR left…


Hi Amadeo ,
Thank you for providing such valuable content.
I was just thinking that if Dai is pegged by USD and if USD will lose a lot of value woudn’t DAI still be a bit risky? As we are in a very particular time where banks are printing trillions , the fiat should lose a lot of value.
As alternative , don’t you think that there will be a decentralized stablecoin pegged for example to Gold or to something more secure?


Hi Dirk,
Great question thank you.
Best option would be to go to Kraken make an account and just get crypto and then use 1inch exchange to swap and go into DEX’s etc …

For a simple interface into more of a CeFi app but still paying ok interest.
I would recommend to BlockFi
They offer ways to deposit US dollars.

And give ok interest.
This also makes it able to swap and get into real DeFi projects.


Hey @amadeobrands! Really enjoying this course. Was trying out with 10 DAI but at the moment is not moving due to the 0% DSR:
Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 16.21.45
Very interesting situation. Does this mean it is a good time to borrow some DAI?

I have some questions, so the Dai Saving rate and the Stability fee are connected, right? They move together. And is the Stability fee what we have to pay when returning our DAI after borrowing and to get our collateral back?
Also, I would like you to explain more to what happens in case of liquidity. I imagine this happened a lot 2 weeks ago with ETH’s price big drop. Do people lose 13% of the collateral? what about the DAI I borrowed, I have to return it immediately? Because I guess the vault gets annulated.
Thanks a lot!


Hi @pedromndias
When you lock ETH and borrow DAI there is a fee of %0.5

This can be used to go long on ETH


Where do you long ETH? I haven’t tried long/short trading since I believe it is one of the causes of down market in crypto, due to the buy/selling pressure it brings on prices.
Also, without “financial advice”, you think it is worth it to swap some ETH for MKR and start interacting with the MKR portal and voting? thanks!


Voting with MKR is a very good experience and it will learn you a lot.
Try to think about what is happening when you place a vote? Where will your MKR be sent to?

You can just play around with a small amount.
But please understand that gas fees as of now are still a bit high so it might be better to take some good positions and plat a bit but not swap around all the time.


Will begin using Kyber Network much more. Decentralized exchanges will be the future.
Great course. Very informative.


Yes Kyber is good.
I would recomed also looking into:


What’s the difference between, and I see all 3 are working… wish I could run them on testnet…

Thanks @amadeobrands will take that in consideration :slight_smile:

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Two things I’ve been trying to find.

Ways to earn interest in DAI but hold ETH as the collateral for savings.

The other being ways to pay for purchases in Canada with crypto. Many products I see only support the US.


Perhaps Dapp/Defi hierarchy metaphor is similar to one in modern computer?


Hey @amadeobrands!
After those testnet runs I was doing I tried to go on mainnet. There were no issues like we discussed on the other topic, like “blocked” Dai on oasis or compound rates not updating.

Regarding Maker, I decided to get some MKR using Uniswap.

It is cool to be experimenting on all those protocols but you were right, the gas fees are huge at the moment.
Next step will be engaging in the Governance by creating a voting contract. I want to know more about what happens when we place a vote and where will the MKR go.

Would also appreciate if you can suggest a good article on what exactly happens when the vaults are eliminated due to under collateralization? I am interested to know all the technical process.
Thanks a lot!

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