Defi 101- TOO many Metamasks

I have managed to install Metamask but somehow ended up with 3 accounts!! How can I combine these? The 1st account opened ages ago and didn’t keep a copy of the seed phrase but the 2nd ones I have. The Metamask that shows up in my extensions on chrome browser is probably the original one.
I’m completely stumped by this.

Thats competely normal, your Seed Phrase contains at least 20 accounts (each will have a priv key derived from your seed). If you go into security and privacy and ask for your private key, that key is the main key from all the accounts in your metamask (or at least those that you did not add manually)

Carlos Z

Not sure if you experienced this but to me it wasn’t clear early on that each password is browser specific. In case you have multiple. Just thought I would add this. Best of luck